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How to uninstall MacFUSE UNIX
Last week, we ran this hint about using MacFUSE to install sshfs, which lets you mount ssh-connected servers like regular folders in the Finder. I tried it last weekend, and while I was generally thrilled with it (it's amazingly handy being able to work in remote folders as if they're local), I had some issues. In particular, it seems not to interact well with Path Finder (sshfs connections don't show as mounted volumes, for instance, unless they're in /Volumes, but they will do so in the Finder). I also had two kernel panics when I tried to unmount a mounted file system, so I decided to remove MacFUSE for now.

Unfortunately, there's no uninstaller included with the disk image distribution. After some rooting around on the MacFUSE site, I found these removal instructions on the Issues tab. I'm posting this hint mainly to say that I indeed tried the removal script posted there, and it seems to have worked well. I also checked the programs listed in the removal script against my MacBook Pro (which hasn't ever had MacFUSE installed), and found no overalp (so nothing listed there is used by anything else). The only extra step I took was to also remove the MacFUSE receipts from /Library -> Receipts.

There's a lot of promise in MacFUSE, but I think I'll wait a couple generations before trying it again!
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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: MorganizeIT on Jan 22, '07 07:57:07AM

I'm thrilled to see that FUSE has been ported, ssh file systems are a blessing.

I chose not to use the package installer since the site says it's purely a one off, I assume to get folks trying out FUSE. Instead I followed the instructions to compile everything from source which were linked from the original post:

So far I've had no trouble with the mounted shares, and I'm working on benchmarking VS mounted smb shares... my main interest is finding something that performs better than mounted Windows file shares.

If you want the share to show up in the Finder you'll need to pass in some arguments to the sshfs command, e.g.:

    -oping_diskarb,volname=NAMEOFMOUNTINFINDER ;

The path for the mountpoint can be any empty directory on your system. I created a folder at ~/mount where I have created empty directories for common shares. Using the options above the share can be unmounted via the finder.

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: Azathoth on Jan 23, '07 05:25:56AM
If you are still searching after MacFUSE... a very good, fast and Mac native way is the following:

I switched from Samba to netatalk which is the normal afp protocol native on OS X. This works seamlessly and I have already set up similar things in production environments in several other places (mostly without the OpenVPN option, because it was in a LAN).

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: justfred on Jan 23, '07 12:39:32AM
I would like to point to the OSX package manager.
This is a freeware package that allows you to just this.

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: xcgr on Jan 23, '07 10:16:11AM

The Fink Project has FUSE and sshfs available. Installing via Fink has the advantage of easy un-installation later on -- just run fink remove sshfs and fink remove fuse.

As for using sshfs, the only problem I've seen is a kernel panic if I try to restart or shutdown with a volume still mounted in the Finder. If I manually unmount the sshfs volume first, there's no problem.

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: jsutton on May 21, '07 09:39:34AM

Regarding the uninstall script link to googlecode site. The script may need to be revised... I am posting a rev here and on the google site. The revised script is at the bottom of this post.

Read below for more info:

I had a few weird problems with macfuse... dvd/cd not mounting and just general
weirdness on my 10.4 pbook. I ran the script above, but I found something that may
need to be fixed in it

In the part where you change directories to /System/Library/Extensions and then
delete the fuse.kext file:

cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo rm -r fusefs.kext

I found that fusefs.kext file was in the directory:

Not the one in the script:

I am not sure if the installer put mine in the wrong dir or this something that needs to be fixed in the script, but I thought everyone should know.

<<< snip below this line -- do not include this line. The "#!/bin/bash" part must be first line >>>>


# Copy this script

cd /usr/local/bin
rm sshfs
sudo rm glib*
sudo rm pkg-config
sudo rm *gettext*
sudo rm *mount*

cd /usr/local/include
sudo rm -r fuse*
sudo rm -r glib-2.0
sudo rm gettext-po.h

cd /usr/local/lib
sudo rm -r pkgconfig
sudo rm -r glib*
sudo rm -r libg*
sudo rm -r *fuse*
sudo rm -r *gettext*

cd /usr/local/share
sudo rm -r glib*
sudo rm -r gettext

# Note: revised the target dir.
# previously was this dir which was incorrect:
# cd /System/Library/Extensions
# correct dir seems to be this one:
cd /Library/Extensions
sudo rm -r fusefs.kext

cd /System/Library/Filesystems
sudo rm -r fusefs.fs

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions
# Note: Removed this line:
# shutdown -r now
# replaced it with a prompt at end of script telling user to restart:
echo " "

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: jsutton on May 21, '07 12:09:16PM

Actually, I have found a few other files that were not deleted when I first ran this script. Specifically the .dylib files in the /usr/local/lib/ dir.

Instead of running the script again, I would recommend running the shell script posted below with this command: | grep -iv 'cannot open'

(of course you would have to name the script below '' after you copy and paste it into a text file)

This script will just return the files that are still installed on your computer and then you can go and delete them by hand one-by-one... I know it is a pain, but some funky things were happening with my drives after I installed macfuse, so I wanted to be very sure they were gone.

script is below here:


file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/Info.plist
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/MacOS
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/MacOS/fusefs
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/Resources
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/Resources/English.lproj
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings
file /Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext/Contents/Resources/load_fusefs
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents/Info.plist
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents/Resources
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents/Resources/English.lproj
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Contents/version.plist
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/mount_fusefs
file /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/
file /usr/local/include
file /usr/local/include/fuse
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_common.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_common_compat.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_compat.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_lowlevel.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_lowlevel_compat.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse/fuse_opt.h
file /usr/local/include/fuse.h
file /usr/local/include/ulockmgr.h
file /usr/local/lib/libfuse.0.dylib
file /usr/local/lib/libfuse.a
file /usr/local/lib/libfuse.dylib
file /usr/local/lib/
file /usr/local/lib/libulockmgr.1.dylib
file /usr/local/lib/libulockmgr.a
file /usr/local/lib/libulockmgr.dylib
file /usr/local/lib/
file /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
file /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/fuse.pc
file /usr/local/lib/.BC.IyWMJU
file /usr/local/lib/.BC.c0DOrC

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: algorythmic on Oct 19, '07 09:21:04PM
just in case: your script will return two files that you probably shouldn't delete, /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: luds on Sep 12, '09 11:36:30PM

Sorry if i am making a mistake but i stumbled across your page when trying to uninstall MacFuse (V2) myself and found the answer in the system preference (then --> MacFuse --> uninstall), seems the new version (2009) has its own installer. Furthermore, i realize that this forum is for Linux, but it might help a Mac user as i invariably fell onto that page after googling "uninstall MacFuse" so if an other Mac user reads this it could help them - (might also be the same principle in the Linux system somewhere in your sys preferences" - (Don't know use Linux, can't be more specific)).

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How to uninstall MacFUSE
Authored by: Sesquipedalian on Sep 13, '09 12:07:02PM

Er, this site is called Mac OS X Hints. I'm not sure how you got the idea that it was a Linux forum.

Anyway, thanks for the tip regarding an uninstall function in the MacFuse preference pane.

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