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Fix an iPod Shuffle and Lexar Secure II issue iPod
I recently bought an iPod Shuffle to use with my Powerbook G4 (10.3.9), and was a bit distressed to discover that said iPod was not recognized by my Mac! A dialog box would inform me that I had attached a disk in a format that OS X could not read, and was gave the options of Initializing or Ignoring it. I tried both. iTunes would recognize the Shuffle if I initialized it, but then demanded I restore it. Once the restoration process was complete, the iPod would vanish from the source list, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, it was sitting in the dock flashing its amber LED in a futile "Don't unplug me yet!" plea.

The really frustrating part was that the iPod worked just fine on a PC. In this thread on Apple's Discussion site, toonz suspected I had a FAT32 recognition issue, and suggested I do an archive reinstall of OS X, and after all the system updates, my Shuffle worked...

...until this evening when I plugged in my Lexar Mercury USB thumbdrive and installed the Secure II vault encryption software. Once again, my Mac refused to acknowledge his iPod relative, and my poor shunned little Shuffle went back to sorrowfully blinking his amber light.

Setting out on a mission as some technology conflict mediator (aka hit man), I searched through the Secure II installation packages. The culprit turned out to be an extension called LexarFilterScheme.kext (but it might go by "Bubba" in some circles). It resides at /System -> Library -> Extensions -> LexarFilterScheme.kext. Thankfully, by deleting (aka whacking) this file, my Pbook and iPod are buddies again. Enemy neutralized, mission accomplished. I don't need an encrypted vault on a thumbdrive anyway ... I just wish I had figured this out before I reinstalled.
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Fix an iPod Shuffle and Lexar Secure II issue
Authored by: ash7 on Jan 23, '07 09:38:06AM

I imagine you could also modify the kext's plist and have the lexar's matching score actually work properly instead of beating out the iPod every time so that you could use both of them.

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Lexar Secure II vs ipod, dvd, etc
Authored by: the_13th_saint on Jan 23, '07 01:04:10PM

It didn't just affect ipods; I had the very same issue with the lexar secure II and mounting normal dvd discs. Lexar has known about this bug for quite a while and has done nothing to fix it.

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Fix an iPod Shuffle and Lexar Secure II issue
Authored by: boredzo on Jan 23, '07 06:01:27PM

If you want to encrypt the data on the thumb drive, just use an encrypted disk image. You can do this from Disk Utility. Cost: $0.

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lexar secure II vault vs mac os x disk image
Authored by: the_13th_saint on Jan 24, '07 12:44:28AM

Using disk utility is good and all, but the main feature I enjoyed with the lexar secure II was the fact that the encrypted vault was cross platform and you could open it in windows and mac os x. I just move the kext back and reboot when I need to use the encryption on my mac now. :/ maybe I should make an applescript...

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lexar secure II vault vs mac os x disk image
Authored by: boredzo on Jan 24, '07 07:25:32AM

Could use kextload and kextunload. Then you don't need to reboot.

You'll need sudo powers, for obvious reasons.

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add this to your troubleshooting kit
Authored by: hayne on Jan 23, '07 07:28:00PM

If you have strange behaviour from an OS X machine, you should run the following command (in a Terminal window) to find out what non-Apple kernel extensions you have installed:

kextstat | grep -v

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Fix an iPod Shuffle and Lexar Secure II issue
Authored by: CyberSkull on Feb 05, '11 07:30:17AM


I installed it mainly because I wanted to experiment with it. I was almost tearing my hair out over this.

LexarFilterScheme.kext is poorly written to the point of being malware.

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