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Send text messages using Quicksilver Apps
Here is a quick way to send text messages using Quicksilver, an amazingly powerful application. I have previously posted a text message script using curl and the command line, and a major complaint was that the method was too complex. I hope this one is a bit easier to complete. Once you get the hang of Quicksilver, you will be texting from your computer really quickly.
  1. Download Quicksilver, and run through the setup.
  2. Launch Quicksilver with your specific key combination.
  3. Hit the "." button to enter the text input mode, and enter the person's cell phone number that will go to the cell provider's email gateway, and hit enter. For instance, for Cingular users it is A close-to-exhaustive list of provider email gateways can be found here.
  4. In the second box, type in a few letters until you get to Email Item (Send Directly).
  5. Now, in the last box, use the text input method again (".") and type in your messsage.
That's it! Additionally, I added an email address called "text" to my contacts in my Address Book to hold each person's cell phone email address. This way I can take advantage of Quicksilver's Address Book integration as well. The only real downside to this method is that the message is superimposed onto the subject of the email, so the text message can get somewhat bloated.

I hope this helps you quicksilver text messagers out there.
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Send text messages using Quicksilver
Authored by: jehrler on Jan 22, '07 09:34:45AM

Rather than adding TEXT addresses to the address book, I just used TypeIt4Me (or TextExpander) to create a shortcut to autotype the necessary sms email addresses.

I had been using the free widget SMS by Callwave but this is even easier!


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Authored by: mahmoud2007 on Apr 11, '07 03:44:09PM


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Try Teleflip
Authored by: tjarrett on Jan 22, '07 11:53:16AM
I can never remember email address formats per carrier, so another way to handle this is to use the actual mobile phone number from the address book in the script and let Teleflip handle the email address formatting. (Writeup of Teleflip in my blog from 2005.) Obligatory note: right now the service is free to text individuals but that might change...

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Try Teleflip
Authored by: jdo017 on Jan 22, '07 05:48:04PM
tjarret. I have heard about teleflip, but how I understood was that after 100 texts per month it started to charge you. That's why I chose this way.

How is teleflip by the way. Would you recommend it? Thanks for the comments too.

John O.

God invented the integers, all else is the work of man.

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Try Teleflip
Authored by: tjarrett on Jan 24, '07 12:08:28PM

It's 5,000 free per month. And generally I find it to be speedy and reliable. But I don't send a lot of text messages--probably why I have difficulty remembering the email formats for different carriers.

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Send text messages using Quicksilver
Authored by: lukwe on Jan 23, '07 01:52:24AM
I think you inverted the order of the inputs; you firstly type the message, select 'Send Directly' in the 2nd pane and finally enter the in the third one. Anyhow I am not receiving the SMS sent this way (or directly from the email client) on my phone (vodafone Italy carrier), or naybe I'll have to wait a few hours for the gateway batch processes...

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Send text messages using Quicksilver
Authored by: tinker on Jan 23, '07 11:57:46AM
You know, that was my intuition too -- that the order of the inputs had been reversed. But I tried it, and it worked this way, in the sense that it created an e-mail message with the right subject / body and the right address, ready for me to click "send".

That said, the SMS 2.0 widget remains a handy way to do this, especially if you don't know what carrier your recipient uses.

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Send text messages using Quicksilver
Authored by: transparent on Jan 27, '07 05:13:06AM

Got this to work-- but what is causing the duplicate text? Is the Quicksilver plugin the guilty party in setting the subject to be the same as the text message?

Here's what I see:

(test message)
test message

when I get a text. not really useful for anything but really short texts... otherwise this would be a really neat tip.

any workarounds?

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Send text messages using Quicksilver
Authored by: geoffb on Feb 09, '07 04:06:36PM

I think that if you start the message with Option-Return, then there won't be any duplicate text.

More (unneccesary) detail about what the plug-in seems to do:
Single line messages come through in duplicate, first in parentheses, then plain.
Multiple line messages (where Option-Return is used to go a new line) come through with the first line in parentheses, followed by the rest of the message.
If you leave the first line blank, by starting the message with Option-Return, then the message comes through normally: No duplicate text, no parentheses.

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