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Search MacOSXHints with Firefox via Google Site News
To help make searching easier, and to take advantage of the Google index of the site, I created a Firefox search engine plug-in to search MacOSXHints using Firefox and Google.

To use, first download the archive and expand it (and then make sure you quit Firefox). Take the two files inside the expanded folder, googlemacosxhints.gif and googlemacosxhints.src, and place them in your user's Library -> Application Support -> Firefox -> Profiles -> profile_name -> searchplugins folder. Note that you may have to create the searchplugins folder, and profile_name will be unique to your system.

When you re-launch Firefox, you'll see a new Google | Mac OS X Hints entry in the Google search box. Select it, enter your search terms, and you'll search via Google's index.

[robg adds: This plug-in does the same thing as running a search_term search on, but makes it much easier to do so. It worked as described when I tested it.]
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Another easy way with QuickSearches
Authored by: janpeeters on Jan 16, '07 09:52:31AM

The plugin gives you an easy way to search this site. I myself prefer to use QuickSearches. It's a way to easily create a search shortcut for almost any website.

Creating a QuickSearch works like this:
- CTRL-click on the (in this specific case) MacOSXHints searchformfield
- Choose "add a keyword for this search"
- A window pops up. Define a name and shortcut for your search. I chose 'xh' for MacOSXHints, define where you want to store your QuickSearch and hit enter.

From now on you can do a search like this:
type the keyword 'xh' in the locationbar followed by a space and type the word or phrase you're searching for, hit enter and you're set.

As said this works on almost any website, better said… I've not found a website on which it doesn't work but your mileage may vary.

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Or Use Safari and Acid Search
Authored by: talkrhubarb on Jan 16, '07 10:09:26AM
As a Safari user, I've just added a new channel in Acid Search with a prefix URL of:

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Search MacOSXHints with Firefox via Google
Authored by: Hauberg on Jan 16, '07 11:24:24AM
For those who use Sogudi simply add an entry with:

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Ooops wrong link
Authored by: Hauberg on Jan 16, '07 11:28:06AM
For those who use Sogudi with Safari simply add an entry with:

To use with other sites just create another entry in which "" is replaced with the appropriate url.

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Search MacOSXHints with Firefox via Google
Authored by: jwdunn on Jan 16, '07 11:45:03AM

For Safari users, AcidSearch is definitely the way to go in terms of custom searches. Just right-click on any website's search field, select "New Search Channel," and you're done. You can even set a hotkey to jump you right into the search box for that channel! It's terribly useful to be able to search Wikipedia, imdb, isoHunt, MacUpdate, Google Images, or YouTube instantaneously.

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Search MacOSXHints with Firefox via Google
Authored by: randalla on Jan 16, '07 02:45:45PM could also create an Open Search on the site. This would allow FireFox 2 and IE7 (among others) to automatically add a site search automatically.

The homepage for Open Search is:

You can see an example of this by visiting the company's site I work for:

Alternately, you can see it on:

I originally got the information from here:


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Authored by: tidjj on Jan 16, '07 02:57:12PM
You may prefer to customize the .src that way:

# Firefox plugin file
# Google | site search
# thanks to ToddPartridge
# final: tidjj
# version 1.0
# Last updated: January 16, 2007

name="Search MacOSXhints with Google"
description="Search MacOSXhints with Google"

<input name="domains" value="">;
<input name="sitesearch" value="">;
<input name="hl" value="en">
<input name="q" value="">
<input name="q" user="">

You'll find a big difference with the result, for sure.


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An easier way with firefox
Authored by: neier on Jan 16, '07 03:09:14PM

In Firefox, you can right-click in any search field and get the option to "Add a keyword for this search". It saves the search box parameters, and your keyword, to the bookmarks folder. You can also give it an easy to remember name.

So, for example, if you add an "osxh" keyword for the OSX Hints search box, you could type "osxh iPod playlist" in the URL bar and it would automatically load up the OSX Hints search page, with results for "iPod playlist".

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Oops. Dupe
Authored by: neier on Jan 16, '07 03:12:16PM

I see that the first comment above already mentioned this. Somehow, missed it. Apologies.

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Optimized Firefox
Authored by: qw3rty on Jan 17, '07 06:17:27AM
I use Firefox because of the extensions. The newer versions started running pretty slow on my computer.

I found optimized versions of Firefox for OS X that run faster than the official version.

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