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Add more solid color desktop patterns System
Amazingly, Apple has chosen not to include a color picker when selecting solid color backgrounds in the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preferences panel. Instead, a set of 10 pre-defined solid colors are available.

To add additional colors (including the ever-popular solid black), simply navigate to your boot volume's /Library -> Desktop Pictures -> Solid Colors folder. Copy or create a new png file for each of your favorite colors. The image size should be 128x128, to remain consistent with the existing files.

Any files you add will automatically show up, along with the default solid colors, in the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preferences panel

[robg adds: This is a much better solution than this older hint -- more than likely, this solution wasn't possible back then. I tried creating the folder structure in my user's folder, to see if System Preferences would look there as well, but alas it won't. Since your custom colors reside in the top-level Library, there's a chance they could disappear during a system upgrade.]
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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: abyone on Jan 09, '07 08:08:25AM
Don't forget that there is already a solid white option "hidden" at the end of the list.

Original hint

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: asher on Jan 09, '07 08:45:08AM

With a system upgrade, using archive and install, I found the custom colors had been moved to the previous system folder. I just copied them back. Not hard.

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: wuf810 on Jan 09, '07 04:38:22PM

I still prefer the older hint. That way you don't need to create an image file for each colour you want. The older method allows you to just use the colour picker....

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: p4ul13 on Jan 10, '07 05:15:33AM

Agreed. I had figured out this version of the hint on a mac that I wanted a black desktop on, but I think the older hint is much more slick as it's a one time change that opens up every color.

Pretty slick (slicker would be if Apple just unlocked this)

On a related note, Does anybody know a way to get desktop image stretching to behave more like (sorry) windows? In OSX images get squished to fit both horizontal and vertical. I'd prefer them to just compress to one of the directions and scale the rest leaving just colored space in the remaining gaps...

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: osxpounder on Jan 10, '07 03:23:10PM

I didn't recognize the original hint, but I'm glad it was linked. Interestingly, I still see the image. I see a black pixel. I tried saving various formats, all 1x1 with transparency and no content at all:

PSD [backwards-compatible or not, as saved from PS CS2]
Photoshop PDF [all defaults]

All except the PDF still show a single dark pixel in the center. The dark pixel's always there [that sounds like some kind of slogan or proverb].

The PDF simply makes the entire desktop turn black, regardless of the fact that Center is chosen, or the color chosen in color picker. Dropping a TIFF or PNG of the same image onto the Desktop background image well restores the color picker'd color.

All this is on an MBP.

I just tried the experiment on a g5 ppc with 2 monitors [a crt and a cinema]. On both monitors, the 1x1 image makes a white [or light] pixel instead of a dark pixel. The white pixel's always there.

Both are running 10.4.8.

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: atchius on May 08, '09 09:26:18AM
I use a small 1x1 PNG that's completely transparent, and it works very well (completely invisible). I'm able to keep a separate background color for each of my displays so that it's easier for me to adjust between workflows; they all use the same actual desktop picture, but I used the Color Picker to select different backgrounds.

Here's a 32x32 PNG that's transparent, hosted by Macworld Australia:

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Authored by: kimballk on Jan 11, '07 08:14:23AM

For a custom-color desktop picture that won't disappear with upgrades merely create an "image" of a solid color of any size using any appropriate program, such as Photoshop Elements or Graphic Converter. Save it under any name in any format readable by the desktop System Preference, say black.jpg or strawberry.png, in any folder (the Pictures folder is the easiest).

Then go to Desktop & ScreenSaver in the System Preferences folder, select "Choose folder…" and navigate to the solid color(s) you have created. Select the "Stretch to fill screen" mode.

There are obviously many permutations. You can have a folder full of solid color pictures and randomly change among them every minute… etc.

The easy way to get a solid color image in the program of your choice is to select a color in a new (blank) image and then use the "pour" tool.

Kimball Kramer

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: chrisiufer on Jan 11, '07 07:45:33PM

If youre already going through the trouble of creating PNG files, why not make one with full transparency, selecting "Center" instead of Tile, and then using the color picker provided to choose colors.

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Here's that Black 128x128 PNG
Authored by: bdolicki on Jan 26, '07 01:22:57AM
I thought people might want to just grab the Solid Black.png that I created for myself:

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Leopard update: Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: jhaffner on Nov 12, '07 12:03:28PM

I can confirm this still works in Leopard, and now the Solid White has a shadow, so it is easily seen at the end of the swatch list.

Don't worry, it's out of control.

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Add more solid color desktop patterns
Authored by: thezim on Jan 18, '09 12:47:10AM

To create a solid black background do the following.

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/ColorSync Utility
2. Click File->Open
3. Navigate to /Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors
4. Select Solid White.png then Open
5. Click on Image Correction in the toolbar (wrench and hammer)
6. Silde the exposure to the far left. Do not close Image Correction window.
7. Click File->Save As
8. Name file To "Solid Black" and click Save
9. Close ColorSync Utility
10. Go back to your desktop setting and "Solid Black" will be available to choose.

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