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Start torrent downloads remotely Internet
I work where I can surf the web but not download stuff. I was going to set up TorrentFlux, which is an app to remotely control a machine to download torrents (my home machine), but it then dawned on me to use iChat and Azureus:
  1. Set up a new iChat account; this will be used on the home machine.
  2. Add this account as a buddy on your normal account at work.
  3. Install Chax on the home machine, which will be logged into the new iChat account.
  4. Set Chax to autoaccept downloading of files to a certain directory -- my_torrents or whatever.
  5. Now set up Azureus in Advanced mode to scan that directory every minute, and to start and download to a default directory.
Now when you are at work or elsewhere, when you iChat a file to the home iChat account, iChat will download it automatically, and less than a minute later, Azureus will start to download it. This is very handy.
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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: fordred on Jan 03, '07 08:05:42AM

Why not set up the web interface in azureus, and if you have a static web ip address, just right it down somewhere so you can access it from another web browser, or if you have a dynamic ip, just use to setup a sub-domain that points to your latest ip address

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: allanmarcus on Jan 03, '07 08:07:49AM

If you can run Azureus on a Web server then you can use one of the plug-ins tht gives you pretty good access on the web (check the Azureus plug-in page).

There is a good HTML bassed plug-in and a java one. I use the HTML one (Azureus HTML WebUI).

Combine this with another plug-in called Speed Scheduler and you can leave Az running all the time. I have much lower limits during the day then I have almost wide open at night.

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: vekkt0r on Jan 03, '07 08:49:53AM

You can also use rtorrent with watch directory enabled, then it starts torrent whenever you place a new torrent in directory of choice. I set up a folder action on my mac so whenever I drop a torrent file on the directory it uploads it via ftp to my server and rtorrent start downloading the torrent.

Used to use torrentflux before but found out it took too much resources..

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Start torrent downloads remotely with widget
Authored by: winklebleck on Jan 03, '07 08:57:27AM
If you can download and install widgets, I love Andrew's Azureus widget. I use it alll the time while at work.

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Unix solutions exist as well
Authored by: Mr. E. on Jan 03, '07 09:12:11AM

Maybe they don't count as OSX hints, but I've been using the command line of BitTornado. At work I monitor the RSS feed. If I see something I "need," I SSH into my machine, go to the directory where I want to feed to go, and feed my torrent URL into a script that downloads the torrent to my Torrent folder and begins downloading the file to the directory of my choice. I start the whole process out with a "screen" command so that once the torrent starts I can send that screen to the background and use my SSH connection for something else (like downloading another torrent). Another benefit of this is that it lets you check up on the Torrent's progress. I do like this solution as a GUI one, though. Before going Command Line, I was using a much messier GUI solution, but it wasn't nearly as well automated and required me not only to IM myself from work, but to then use VNC to connect to home and finish the process, which is super slow when all your bandwidth is being sucked up by the Bit Torrent client, so kudos for this tip.

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Recommend BitTornado as well
Authored by: ruaric on Jan 04, '07 01:01:53AM

Funny I was just about to post pretty much the same thing. I went for the command line option because I was using Linux prior to switching to the Mac and this was what I was doing before.

Anyway not much else to say than to provide a secondary recommendation for the ssh -> screen -> bittornado as a great setup!

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Unix solutions exist as well
Authored by: hareron on Jan 04, '07 06:34:42AM

Does this work for private torrent sites?

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: Brutal on Jan 03, '07 09:21:54AM

Both Transmission and xTorrent has folder monitoring now, so you don't have to use Azureus

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: tiagobugarin on Jan 03, '07 12:19:20PM
I have been using MLDonkey ( for years to handle p2p (donkey, bittorrent, gnutella, gnutella2, fasttrack) and http/ftp (still experimental, but works).
I also set my dynamic ip a name using free service.
For security reasons I do not allow any ip outside my local network to connect to my mldonkey http port. so i get inside with an ssh, telnet to my donkey service and do what i want to do. some cases i set the specific ip of the remote machine i am in to let only this ip to hit there throuhg the browser.
as it is a service it do not need no user to be logged in at the local machine running no terminal windows or graphical apps.
I use to get my binary versions from and the ones without gd and magic

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: Mr. E. on Jan 05, '07 12:41:07PM

I guess it depends on how the torrent site enforces its membership requirements. I belong to one site that logs your IP when you sign in, so then as long as your torrent client is connecting from the same IP, it's allowed through (and I don't really know that it's blocked otherwise, but I do think the torrent client reports an error). This does create an extra challenge when managing everything remotely. I found that if I logged into the site from work to check up on the new torrents, it updated my IP address, so that when I started up the torrent client from home, it reported an error. The solution for me was in subscribing to the RSS feed at work through Thunderbird, no log-in required once it was set up, so as long as I didn't visit the site in Firefox, my IP was never updated and downloading from home was not a problem. Another solution, if your Torrent site tracks logged in user via IP, is to send a curl command from the home machine with the appropriate cookies attached.

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Authored by: Mr. E. on Jan 05, '07 12:49:30PM

This was a reply to hareron's comment on my last comment. Somehow I ended up putting it in the main thread rather than the reply thread.

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: romahony on Jan 05, '07 12:56:38PM

ssh ing into your machine at home or where ever can be alot harder due to networking. So basically my hint is just the ichat transfer and then to let a bit torrent client download it. It is a easy solution if you dont have a static ip or NAT'd

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Good point
Authored by: Mr. E. on Jan 08, '07 07:46:48AM
I'm not knocking the hint. I think it's great. If you can't SSH into your machine, or just don't want to, this hint is excellent. Before moving to an SSH/command line solution, I tried to come up with a solution using the GUI tools I had, and didn't come up anything nearly this elegant. In fact, I had to use VNC protocols to see my home screen and manipulate some things, which is also probably not viable for people who can't SSH in from work. But since I can SSH in, I find the command line to be excellent, because I can also check on the torrent's progress, and I can set a different destination file for each torrent. The VNC solution allowed for this, too, but once the torrent client started up, VNC was very slow as it competed for bandwidth. Another bonus of your solution is that it seems it would also work for just about any file you wanted to download. Even if you can SSH in, I find some files are tricky to download using curl, although that may be a failing of my use of curl, but I find that any url with terms appended to the end (...php?id=123;title="twentyfour") needs to be parsed out for curl, but I believe the chat clients handle these files gracefully.

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Start torrent downloads remotely
Authored by: zankty on May 26, '07 04:24:40PM

I tried to use the web ui (both of them) but I can't get it to work in the console mode.
It work when I start the swt ui.

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