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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted Site News
I've posted a new poll about the upcoming Macworld Expo -- what piece of Apple hardware do you most hope to see announced at Expo? The answers are based on things I've spotted on various rumor sites, so it's founded in that level of reality :). Keep in mind that this isn't a poll about what you think will be announced, but what you want to see announced.

BTW, I left iTV off the poll intentionally, as it's already an announced product -- just lacking a release date. The poll is for things that haven't been officially announced yet.

It should be interesting to see where the public opinion lies a few weeks before the Expo...
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Macworld Expo hardware rumors
Authored by: mclbruce on Dec 21, '06 08:01:02AM

I'm still waiting for iChat MT (matter transport). That would be great, except for the spam.

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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted
Authored by: 33Nick on Dec 21, '06 12:55:58PM

A 12" MacBook and Pro! I can't believe they didn't make it...

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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted
Authored by: mothergoose on Dec 21, '06 04:28:46PM

I'm waiting for an onboard RAID card for the Xserve.

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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted
Authored by: iPrem on Dec 21, '06 08:04:31PM

Hey robg,

When it comes to Apple the wish list is infinite.
But to sum up a few I would certainly need following

I can buy speakers for every room of my house, but I cant go on buying Air Mac Express. I want a cheaper solution so that really i can transfer music to each and every corner of my house.

Now since Apple claims that its inside your living room,
I want a wonderful and Magical Touch Scren Remote to control all my gadgets. Why not to expect a home automation software solution right from the Apple factory.

You give that touch Screen Remote or give me a wonder ful APPLE UMPC dear Steve. This is the right time
to bring such gadget when every body wants to make
every thing mobile. And man you can only do it, since you already have a capacity to make a kind of mini computer 80Gigs IPod Video.

Snyaptics is already out with thoir touch screen technology. Cisco has displateched their iPhone,
Belkin, Netgear are laready there with their gadgets,
now Steve its your turn man. Take out that Apple iPhone
from the bag...pls...we are waiting.

Do some more intrseting gadgets in the likes of Nike+

And for god sake, pls make MacBooks more smaller
more lighter....Apple has lot to show off in that arena.

ufff....quite big Aaan...! But i can`T help it, Apple should
be blamed, since its such a big innovator that you can`t resist to expect BOOM from this lovely company.

Add on more to this list guys...

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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted
Authored by: squirri on Dec 22, '06 12:04:52PM

Black Macbook Pro, especially if they can make the backlit keyboard work

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Macworld Expo hardware rumor poll posted
Authored by: blue*cast on Dec 23, '06 02:46:24AM

A hardware upgrade for current G3/G4 owners wouldn't go astray: another owner-upgradeable G4-sized unit somewhere between the current iMacs and the Mac Pro (serious 'overkill' for many) running with 512Mb-1GB of memory at 1.5-2GHz with Mac Pro's architectural features (but 2 only HD bays and 1 only 'Super' drive) and siimlar interfaces. A new SOHO workhorse for the not-so-few/well-off ...

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