Second user-suggested poll posted...

Dec 06, '06 11:30:00AM

Contributed by: robg

I've posted a new poll today, the second reader-suggested poll in what will be a continuing series. I'll leave this one up through Macworld Expo, and then I'll post one about the newly-revealed Apple products (iPhone!).

The current poll, though, is all about text editors nee word processors. Not which one do you think is best, or even which one are you forced to use, but rather in which one do you do most of your writing. I realize that most of us use more than one tool for writing -- I personally alternate between Word and Smultron depending on what it is I'm working on. Nonetheless, you can pick but one as your most-used writing tool. Also, I have a limit of 20 poll answers, so I had to leave a few options out. Sorry for those that were overlooked; you'll have to use the 'Other' option if you use a program that didn't make the list.

Thanks to luomat and jacobolus for the idea for this poll.


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