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Show remaining DVD Player region switches Apps
If you've ever bought DVDs from a different DVD region and tried to play them in your existing DVD drive, you probably know what a bane DVD region coding is.

Now, most DVD drives will allow you to change regions some finite number of times. After that, the region is permanently set. So you may find it helpful to know how many region changes you have remaining until this happens. The answer is in DVD Player. Choose Get Disc Info from the File menu (or press Command-I), and from there, switch to the Regions pane. You'll see a map of Earth showing all the regions, the region(s) of the current disc, the current region of the drive, and at the bottom, the number of region changes remaining for your drive.

[robg adds: If you own a lot of out-of-region DVDs, you can use VLC to play them instead of Apple's DVD Player. As explained in this hint, VLC ignores the region flag. There are other ways of solving the problem, but I'll leave discovery of those solutions up to you and Google.]
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I hate region locks
Authored by: Grommet on Dec 05, '06 10:46:01AM

What a load of crap.

Region locking is such a terrible way to treat the buyer. Thousands of people get screwed by this every week, and we still accept this fake lock put on by the MPAA.

We must push for region-free devices. Region locking is a reminder of the amount of control the MPAA has over our culture's content, and is another form of DRM, restricting access for no good reason to content we've already paid for. The MPAA should have much less power than it currently does.

We also need to do all we can to push for copyright and patent reform.

God, I hate the current state of things in this system.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: greengeek on Dec 05, '06 12:48:37PM

The original purpose of region coding had to due with copyright and licensing agreements for international distribution. The idea being that a distributor couldn't buy up a load of DVDs from another country and sell them back home without paying for distribution rights. While it isn't targeted at end users, they are of course the ones affected most by it, since imports from other countries are commonplace, and importers aren't the ones being inconvenienced by region locking.

If you want to blame someone though, the MPAA are complicit, but not the cause, as region coding is set by an international trade group.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: kostia on Dec 05, '06 01:37:45PM

I don't have such a menu option (we run 10.3.9 at work). Is it unique to the 10.4 version of DVD Player?

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VLC option is drive-dependent
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 05, '06 08:33:59PM
VLC will not ignore region coding on all drives. As I note <a href=">here</a>;, VLC 0.8.5 enforces regions using the Matshita UJ-846 drive in my Mac mini.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: damiond on Dec 05, '06 11:57:52PM

Are you sure the DVD player is showing the remaining region count of the drive, and not the remaining region count of the software application?
(i am not 100% sure os-x dvd player has region count, but a lot do).

I found the old DVD Info X application surprisingly still worked on my intel macbook, and it definately queries the drive.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: SlewSys on Dec 06, '06 12:04:53AM

Two basic options for overcoming region switching limits are 1) copy and/or encode the DVD to hard drive and play it from there, and 2) upgrade the DVD firmware.

Apple's DVD drives seem to have their own copy protection (?), so I use a third party DVD reader to copy DVDs to the hard drive. In System Preferences -> CDs & DVDs, I set "When you insert a video DVD" to "Ignore". Then I save my (purchased) DVD to disk with a program such as MacTheRipper, and view it by dragging-and-dropping the resulting VIDEO_TS folder onto DVD Player.

With a program such as HandBrake, I am able to encode DVDs using Apple's DVD drives. This creates a file which may be played in Quicktime, but quality suffers compared to the original DVD.

I have not tried upgrading my DVD drive's firmware since the above options work for me.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: jcwils on Dec 06, '06 02:44:52AM
If you use Xine Player you can set a "software" drive region in the preferences.

I've used it a lot when VLC doesn't work.

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Show remaining DVD Player region switches
Authored by: Power Factor on Dec 06, '06 03:05:31AM

In Australia region coding is considered anti-competative so it has become rare to find a home DVD player that is not multi region.
Pity the same can't be said for computer players.

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