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An odd quirk with Stuffit Expander 11's file handling Apps
I received an email message with a text attachment that contained a MIME-encoded email that included the user's public certificate. The file was named smime.txt. Stuffit Expander 11.0 tells me that there is nothing compressed or encoded in the file. Stuffit Expander 10.0, on the other hand, created a folder containing the certificate and the message content.

It turns out that in Stuffit Expander 11.0, I had to change the file extension of the attachment from .txt to .mime. Once changed, Stuffit Expander 11.0 presented the same result as Stuffit Expander 10.0 had without the bother. I have Stuffit Expander 11.0 on a MacBook Pro, and Stuffit Expander 10.0 on my PowerPC Dual G5 desktop. I wouldn't think that would have made a difference, but could be.
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An odd quirk with Stuffit Expander 11's file handling
Authored by: JimAkin on Nov 28, '06 06:38:06PM

This is the second item I've seen about flaky behavior in StuffIt 11.0, and I've gotta ask: With zip archiving built into OS X, why does anyone need StuffIt anymore? I'm no file-compression power user, and I realize there may be StuffIt features people count on; I just have no idea what they are. Anyone?


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An odd quirk with Stuffit Expander 11's file handling
Authored by: Unsoluble on Nov 28, '06 08:20:07PM
Exactly: StuffIt is dead. Stop using it.

If for some strange reason you're still finding Stuffed archives somewhere, get yourself a copy of the Unarchiver; it'll do those and pretty much everything else, too.

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An odd quirk with Stuffit Expander 11's file handling
Authored by: Mikey-San on Nov 28, '06 10:40:55PM

StuffIt is a dinosaur. Unstuff all your .sit files, compress them into .zip or compressed .dmg files, and get rid of your reliance on StuffIt forever.

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Zipping can ruin files.
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Nov 30, '06 08:11:55AM

Depending on what version of OS X you are using, zipping files can render then useless. I see ruined PostScript fonts sent to my job all the time. The zipping strips the file of its resource fork, and the fonts all come out as 0k.

Tiger seems to be OK, as I think Panther was. Earlier versions do not retain the resource data.

I stuff all my files. I have had zero problems with Stuffit Deluxe.

The problem with the MIME files is not Stuffit's fault. They have no application assigned to them, nor does there seem to be a way, other than giving them a type/creator code using something like Quick Change.

On my system they come out as text files, even with .mime or .mim at the end.

Te problem here is due to OS X handling files based on the file name extension. If a file says .txt, OS X thinks it's a text file, unless there is type/creator meta data.

The same type of confusion arises when dealing with something like an EPS file. OS X assigns one application for them, even though Photoshop and Illustrator EPS files are quite different.

G4/Digital Audio/1GHz, 1 GB, Mac OS X 10.4.8 •

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