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iPod games and non-standard iTunes library locations iPod
It seems that iPod Games are the only thing you can buy from the iTunes Store that don't automatically get saved into your iTunes Music folder (default: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music). Instead, the games get saved in ~/Music/iTunes/iPod Games, and there's no way for you to change that location.

While this doesn't seem like a huge difference, if you're like me and keep your iTunes Music folder somewhere other than ~/Music/iTunes (the location of the iTunes database files), then you risk losing your iPod Games despite diligently backing up your iTunes Music folder. 2br So, before that horrible massive data loss takes your iPod Games while not touching a single song or video, remember to manually copy your games into a folder you regularly back-up.

[robg adds: Ideally, of course, you'd be backing up your entire user's folder somewhere safe, but if you're not, this is a good catch -- I hadn't noticed that the games weren't saved in the same folder as your music, movies, and videos.]
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You're talking about the music folder, not the library
Authored by: rspeed on Nov 27, '06 12:29:18PM
iTunes 7 added a feature similar to one found in iPhoto where you can move your music library to a non-standard location. This is very different than moving just the Music folder as was possible in previous versions. Hold down option while starting iTunes and you're presented with this window:

If you were to move the entire music library (databases, games and all) in the Finder and then select its new location, you'll have the desired result.

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iPod games and non-standard iTunes library locations
Authored by: saltfarmer on Nov 28, '06 03:30:59AM

I keep my music on an external drive. Since upgrading to iTunes 7.0.2 every time I quit the app, it reverts to using the music folder on my HD for storing my iTunes library. This means that every time I start iTunes, I have to re-set the preference and wait for 15000 song files to be shifted. I've called Apple about this and have been told there's nothing I can do until they fix the problem with another upgrade.
I tried the option key start-up, but it won't allow me to choose the external drive for a new library. Can anybody here offer a solution? Thanks.

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iPod games and non-standard iTunes library locations
Authored by: champion77 on Jan 15, '07 09:41:28AM

The only thing I know is get a bigger hard drive, install windows or mac on it (whichever computer you have), and store it where iTunes puts it, or else just store other documents elsewhere.

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