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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts Apps
Imagine you have two accounts at Gmail: One like, and the other like (Using Gmail's hosted service). If you want to use two copies of Gmail Notifier to watch each account, you'll find that just duplicating the application is not enough. Instead, here's what you need to do:
  1. Duplicate the Google Notifier application.
  2. Select the duplicate, control-click on its icon, and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu.
  3. Navigate into Contents, and then open Info.plist in an editor.
  4. There is a property in that file called CFBundleIdentifier, with the value Change the property's value to instead.
  5. Save your change and quit the editor.
With that change, the duplicated app will use a different preferences file, making the trick durable even after a restart -- unlike a simple duplication of the app. Howevever, the last problem is that the duplicated application's toolbar menu will be identical to that of the original, leading to confusion -- which menu leads to my main account?

To solve that, you'll need the Developer Toools installed. If you have them, inside the Gmail Notifier app (the copy you made), open Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj -> MainMenu.nib with InterfaceBuilder. Double-click on the BothMenu item and add an Item object at the end of the menu, and input Save your work, and you're done.

[robg adds: This hint replaces this older hint, which as the commenters noted, will not work across restarts.]
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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: wordsofwisedumb on Nov 21, '06 08:24:02AM

You could also modify the icons for the menu of the app to help differentiate them. Mine is blue but still goes red when I have a message.

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: peragrin on Nov 21, '06 10:30:07AM

Modifing the icons is simple. and there are web sites with different colors already down. Just drag and drop.

I use the same blue and spotlight for when a message arrives. With the only color belonging to the battery app meter.

But having one red and the other blue like the first poster said would be much easier. Of course why can't they simply setup the app to do just that to begin with. and have multiple choice colors to choose from to start with is beyond me.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: carterx on Sep 17, '08 10:43:49PM
Here is a how to that I just did to show how to do this step by step.

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: fieldhouse on Nov 27, '09 06:40:00AM

You don't need the developer's tools to differentiate between accounts if you have software that can edit .png files (photoshop).

Open the package contents of your duplicated Google Notifier app - under resources there should be two files called 'nounread.png' and 'unread.png'

Open these files in photoshop, click image/adjustments/hue and saturation - then simply adjust the hue of the files to a different colour to differentiate between accounts, and adjust the saturation to differentiate between the unread and nounread icons. Save the files, and open google notifiers. -

Now you have a red icon (original app) and an icon of a different colour!

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: caue.rego on Nov 27, '09 11:09:57AM

I rather just forward from one gmail to the other and applying labels.

you could also easily use Adium to configure multiple gmail accounts.

I actually did both.

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: iamkeir on Jun 24, '10 12:59:09AM

Thanks for this awesome tip - however, my login is not persisting on my second Gmail Notifier app no matter what I do. Does this solution still work in latest version of OSX? (And why can't Google just allow multiple accounts!?)

I also changed the PNG files to differentiate - nice touch.

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: Jacob G on Nov 24, '10 04:55:27PM

The short answer is you need to redo the code signing of the app if you are going to change the bundle identifier and then want the app to have access to the Keychain. Mac only allows an application to access Keychain if the app is signed with the specified bundle identifier. If you just change the bundle identifier without re-signing the app, your Mac won't trust it. It looks like before OS X 10.5, it did not require code signing so older comments on this post omit that issue.

I won't laboriously write out every detail, but basically if you follow the directions on the following page to create a self-signed certificate and overwrite Google's code signature of the Google Notifier app specifying the second bundle identifier, you'll be able to add the app to Keychain access on your second Gmail account:

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Use Gmail Notifier for multiple Gmaila accounts
Authored by: alan1104 on Feb 20, '11 10:20:40PM
Step-by-step instructions for code re-signing here: How to re-sign a Mac Google Notifier for using for multiple accounts.

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