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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default System
One of the most common questions I get from users is why can't I choose a folder when I use File -> Save (As) and I have to tell them 'click the little blue button with the black triangle.' This expands the sheet (collapsed by default) to allow the user to choose a specific folder.

If you put the string NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode with a value of 1 into /Library -> .GlobalPreferences.plist or ~/Library -> .GlobalPreferences.plist, these sheets will be expanded by default. Keep in mind that this is a per-application thing, so if you have already opened an app and used the File -> Save (As) mnenus, you will still have the sheet how you last left it (expanded/collapsed and size).

You can use this Terminal command to set this value:
defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences \
NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -string 1
I imagine that you could manage this pref for your clients, but I haven't tested that (I just set this on our images).
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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: jacobolus on Nov 13, '06 08:39:30AM

You can use -g or -globalDomain instead of NSGlobalDomain in the defaults command to set global prefs (and /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences is a bad idea, since Apple may at some point decide to move that file somewhere). So the command you want is:

defaults write -g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool TRUE

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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: bdog on Nov 13, '06 10:25:48AM

Thanks for the tips regarding defaults write. I don't know much about that command, so I just used what Pref Setter gave me.

Regarding if Apple moves the file. Where else would they move it? I could see them renaming the file, perhaps. It also works in your home folder, so you can do it there if you like.
If you set a custom pref and it breaks because Apple changed something, that is unavoidable, and you better look to see what got changed.

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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: mantrid on Nov 13, '06 11:31:47AM
The suggestion in the comment actually contains an error since:
defaults write -g
which writes to the user's .GlobalPreferences.plist file, is not equivalent to:
defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences
which writes to the file in the main "/Library/Preferences" folder. Using "-g", the change is user-specific, whereas the version with the path would apply to all users, including new ones subsequently created (individual user settings will override this default one though). If the intent is to forestall the "save location" question, the version in the hint is more useful, at least for multi-user machines.

However, it seems that "NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode" normally takes a data-type of "boolean". Although a given property may accept both "boolean" or a string "0/1", it would be considered "good practice" to get into the habit of using the appropriate data type since other keys may not be as forgiving. The use of "-bool TRUE" in the comment's version of the command is probably better.

Otherwise, good hint. That question about save location is one that one does pop up fairly regularly.

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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: hamarkus on Nov 13, '06 03:10:22PM

Most of my applications already seem to remember the state of these sheets, meaning they will open in the expanded state since that is what I normally use.

But, I have a question. Once you are in such a sheet, is it possible to see the path of where you are (useful if you have two or more very similiar folders) or to navigate up in the folder structure (which would solve the first problem as well)?

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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: sharien on Nov 13, '06 03:26:45PM

To see the path to where you're at, just pull down the popup menu above the file list. You can use use Cmd-UpArrow to move 'up' in the folder structure.

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Set Save sheets to expanded state by default
Authored by: RobbM on Nov 14, '06 10:15:36AM

If you really don't want to muck around editing system files, try Default Folder X by St. Clair Software. It creates a hierarchical menu in the location pull down which makes it easy to get to the folder you want. And as the name suggests, it allows you to define default folders for each app.

Disclosure: I have no connection to St. Clair Software whatsoever. I just use DFX and have for years.

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