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Take zoomed screenshots System
I just used the Universal Access zoom feature to zoom in on an icon in Mail, then used Command-Shift-4 to take a screenshot. It turns out that the screenshot that was taken is also zoomed in. Handy if you want to blow up a portion of the screen!

[kirkmc adds: I guess it makes sense that the screen shot shows the actual screen image when it's zoomed, and not the image that would be there if the screen were not zoomed. Note this recent hint explaining how to zoom with a scroll-wheel mouse or a Mighty Mouse.]
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Almost there...
Authored by: Tiny Clanger on Nov 02, '06 08:43:55AM
Note that this doesn't work if you hit Cmd-Shift-4, then Space to capture an entire window. Shame...

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Almost there...
Authored by: osxpounder on Nov 02, '06 09:31:55AM

Now that you mention it, I think it's actually good that the 'capture an entire window" trick [CMD-SHIFT-4, Spacebar, then click on the window you want] still works the same way when the screen is zoomed. Since the feature is meant to capture a whole window, it'd be confusing if it didn't do that consistently. If you want a region, you can just CMD-SHIFT-4, then drag a region. If you just want what's visible on your screen [while zoomed], just do CMD-SHIFT-3.

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Take zoomed screenshots
Authored by: @man on Nov 02, '06 02:16:27PM

well.....sort of.

i just tried this hint with a 2-screen loayout, and the extra monitor took the zoomed shot, but the main monitor didn't (though it was in the position it would have been if the window i zoomed in on were spanning the monitors like it appeared to be when zoomed).

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Take zoomed screenshots
Authored by: osxpounder on Nov 02, '06 02:57:51PM

Interesting and strange. I tried 2 things just now, on a machine with 2 monitors [a large CRT and an Apple Cinema]:

1. I zoomed, did CMD-SHIFT-4, and dragged to capture a region that crossed from one monitor onto the other. The capture was exactly the region I selected.

2. I zoomed, did CMD-SHIFT-4, whacked the Spacebar, and clicked on the window that now filled both monitors and spanned across from one to other, of course. I got what I expected: a capture of the entire window, at its normal, non-zoomed size.

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Broken Link
Authored by: stephenpen543 on Nov 02, '06 03:19:44PM

Just thought you would like to know, the link that you gave doesn't work for me.

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Broken Link
Authored by: kirkmc on Nov 03, '06 12:11:01AM

Fixed, thanks!


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Take zoomed screenshots
Authored by: MJCube on Nov 04, '06 11:21:35AM

Nice! Another neat trick I wouldn't have thought to try. I notice that the smoothing setting (⌥⌘\) is ignored – zoomed-in screen shots are always smoothed. I guess that makes sense; if you really want the actual pixels it's easy enough to enlarge a regular screen shot.

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