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Cooling an overheating iPod iPod
I have a 20 GB iPod that's on its last legs. Whenever it syncs a lot of songs (which it has to do often because half the time it freaks out when syncing and forgets the whole catalog) it tends to get about one third of the way and then hangs. Picking it up and noticing that it was super-hot, I realized it was probably overheating and hanging because of the temperature. So I borrowed an idea from overclockers and decided to artificially cool it. I took a cold pack that was in the fridge, wrapped it in a towel to absorb condensation, put the iPod on it and started syncing. Worked like a charm.

[kirkmc adds: I've noticed that my iPods get quite hot when syncing a lot, such as after a restore, when it takes a couple of hours to fill them. But I never had a problem with the syncing not completing. This is an interesting idea, but it's probably time to think about replacing the iPod.]
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Problems syncing
Authored by: interlard on Oct 30, '06 10:31:50AM

If your iPod crashes while syncing, you should also try using Disk Utility to check the disk for errors and repair it.

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Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: djweeks on Oct 30, '06 10:59:06AM

I have a 2G 20GB iPod and it's always gotten hot when just connected and the disk is running. I've never had a crash from overheating, but I always leave it on a hard surface that dissipates well or on its side.

Hopefully I can hold out for an all-flash video touchscreen iPod :)

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Re: Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: ckrenbre on Oct 30, '06 11:02:02AM
I have a 40GB 4th generation iPod and have experienced the same problem with heat causing syncs to fail. My guess is that the heat causes the hard drive mechanism to stick. I didn't use any extra cooling, but until I get a new iPod these are my workarounds:

- When loading an empty iPod, don't load everything on at once. Divide your library into playlists (if you haven't already), and add a few playlists each time. Disconnect the iPod and let it cool for 15-30 minutes before reconnecting it and adding more playlists.

- Never play the iPod while it is charging.

- Wait 15-30 minutes after charging the iPod before using it to play any music. (I have had far fewer problems with my iPod since I started doing this.)

I hope that helps.

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Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: Graeme_Smith on Oct 30, '06 11:41:33AM

Using a iPod dock would probably help to cool the iPod.

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Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 30, '06 12:15:47PM

Hard drived based iPods can indeed get very hot when syncing, or even just in 'disk mode'. Because of that, I always make it a point to unmount my iPod when I'm charging it on my work Mac. If I'm not syncing, there's no point in having the HD spinning away, so I dismount it, which spins the disk down. I wouldn't doubt if it helps prolong the life of the iPod.

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Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: barefootguru on Oct 30, '06 12:30:18PM

Unless you've got some overly-active task going on, when the iPod is in disc mode it will spin down when not in use (being read or written to).

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Cooling an overheating iPod
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 30, '06 12:46:36PM

Yes, that's true, but chances are it will only stay spinned down if you're not doing a whole lot with your Mac. Try letting the disk spin down and then do an "Openů" command in any app, and watch it spin up. The Finder will queue any attached disks to spin up, including iPods in disk mode, when it thinks you may need to access them.

In any case, I've noticed my iPod stay a bit cooler when charging it and not having it mounted on the Desktop as opposed to having it mounted. YMMV.

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