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Toggle external screen mode on iBooks Laptop Macs
By chance, I just discovered that although there's no special marker on the iBook's keyboard, it is possible to toggle between the mirror- and the screen-spanning mode with one keystroke:
  1. Install the Extended Desktop patch to use screen spanning on your external display.
  2. Press Shift-Command-F7 to toggle between screen-spanning and mirror modes.
By pressing the shortcut twice, it's also a nice way to put all your windows back on the notebook screen, in case you won't power on your connected external display. Maybe this is some new feature introduced with the MacBook that back-propagated to the older consumer notebooks. I use Mac OS X 10.4.8 on a "late G4 iBook" (Sep 2005 edition).

[robg adds: I can't test this one...]
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Windows move downward when unplugging external monitor from iBook
Authored by: joewiz on Nov 06, '06 10:10:43AM

I have an iBook (G4 1.33 GHz), and while I haven't enabled screen spanning, I do wonder if you've had this problem when you disconnect the iBook from your external screen:

Whenever I plug and unplug my VGA adapter plug, any open windows in the frontmost application are moved downward about a line (in other words, the height of the title bar). Unplugging then replugging thus moves windows down the equivalent of two title bar heights. (This always happens unless the window in question is already brushing up against the dock; in that case, the window can't move any lower and stays put.)

Does this happen to you or anyone else? It's annoying because I like to keep my windows flush against the menu bar. If I don't move them back up, they'll eventually crawl down to the bottom of the screen! I've searched the web in vain for anyone confirming this, and I've posted here on the forums and on the Apple Discussions with no response.

By the way, I'm using an iBook G4 1.33 Ghz 12", Mac OS X (10.4.8), 1 GB DDR SDRAM, and an external VGA screen at home and at work.

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Windows move downward when unplugging external monitor from iBook
Authored by: mghint on Nov 07, '06 09:18:40PM

I have the same problem on a PB 12" G4. Very tedious.

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Toggle external screen mode on iBooks
Authored by: Twist on Nov 06, '06 12:05:46PM

Works as described on my 1 GHz G4 iBook.

Quick note about the shortcut: it assumes that you don't have the preference to use the FKeys to control software features turned on in the Keyboard & Mouse PrefPane under the Keyboard tab. If you do have that option enabled then the shortcut becomes Command+Shift+Function+F7.

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Toggle external screen mode on iBooks with F7
Authored by: bruderfranz on Nov 07, '06 12:14:30PM

Just out of curiosity, I pressed only F7 (resp. Fn+F7, see comment above) (like marked on the MacBook keyboard) - and that works as well (In fact, by default every combination including F7 seems to have the same effect - and it seems to be definitively new since some of the last 10.4-updates).

(Now the only thing I'm missing is the two-finger-trackpad-secondary-mouseclick on my iBook)

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Be careful with this...
Authored by: Jayce on Nov 08, '06 11:20:59AM

I'm not sure that this hint is responsable of my problems, but on nearly all my iBooks where I activate the option (8 or 9 iBooks) the video card died during the 3rd year of the iBook. Other iBook I have where I didn't applied this hint are more than 4 years old now...

So... Maybe the graphic card isn't really able to use this fonction in a stable way...
Or maybe I just have no luck with this 9 iBooks... :-/

Jayce Piel - redactor

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