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Flash audio broken? Try Garage Band! Apps
Occasionally, programs that require sound card control, such as Audacity, will prevent audio from working in Macromedia Flash videos; this is especially annoying since most on-line video players are Flash-based.

A simple solution: launch Garage Band, then quit. Garage Band regains control of the sound card for Safari and other web browsers' use.

[kirkmc adds: I have a feeling that what's happening is the same thing described in this hint. I had this problem in the past not only with Flash, but also with system sounds; I always used the Audio Midi Setup solution, but since I've had a Mac Pro, I haven't had the problem. (I assume the sound is managed differently, since there are multiple inputs and outputs.) But this solution (launching and quitting GarageBand) is probably simpler for most users than fiddling with the settings in Audio Midi Setup.]
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Flash audio broken? Try Garage Band!
Authored by: blgrace on Nov 01, '06 04:27:29PM
Rogue Amoeba's free SoundSource might be helpful here.
It puts a little menu item up on the menu bar where you can switch between all your audio outputs and sources that you have set up in Audio MIDI

Although you'd still need to use Audio MIDI if your sample rates have been changed to something strange.

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Fixes for Muxed MPEG1 Files
Authored by: Yelsmek on Nov 01, '06 09:36:13PM
This fixed a problem I recently started encountering. Some flash and muxed MPEG1 movies would refuse to play through the default sound system. Initially, I was surprised by a warning saying that it couldn't find my bluetooth speaker -- which was turned off and the system was configured to play sound through the iMac speakers. Curious. After deleting my bluetooth speaker from the blutetooth panel, no error message was given and no sound emitted from the speakers resulting in old time silent movies.

I found a fix for this a few days ago (converting to MPEG4), which worked. However, Audio MIDI Setup also fixed it: after switching my sampling rate from 91l to 44.1k, the MPEG1 files suddenly started working.

Thank you!

Here's a link to the other site I found that may address problems this hint doesn't correct:

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Flash audio broken? Try Garage Band!
Authored by: osxpounder on Nov 01, '06 10:46:30PM

Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou. A few weeks ago, my browsers stopped playing sound through anything but a Plantec USB headset w/mic that my office bought me for online conferencing. If it was plugged in, I could hear YouTube videos, or an MP3 on a musician's site, but once I removed the headset, the browsers just refused to play audio out to any other source -- and I already had SoundSource, Jack, and a few other things to try. I just didn't relish having to futz with it, and kept putting it off.

This GarageBand trick was the easiest fix. I opened GB, dropped a loop onto a track, played it few seconds, and quit without saving. The browser audio is back, in Firefox 1.5 and Safari. You're a saint, ya are.

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Flash audio broken? Try Garage Band!
Authored by: bhp1680 on Nov 19, '06 08:07:17AM

I've had this happen to me since I tried to use the Polycom Communicator USB device. The next time I tried to play a flash video that had audio, it asked me if I wanted to use my Bluetooth Audio device, which I didn't have active. I've since removed the BT device completely from my computer, and do not have the USB Communicator attached, however until the Garage Band trick, the audio still would not play out of my speakers.

Apps such as QuickTime would play out of the speakers, as would the default system sounds... just not things from Flash. I even went as far as to re-install Flash, and still no go.

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Flash audio broken? Try Garage Band!
Authored by: brittany510 on Dec 03, '06 10:35:47PM

what if i dont have the garage band? what should i do?

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Another fix for broken Adobe Flash sound
Authored by: noworryz on Jun 30, '07 01:01:19PM

I spent hours before I fixed this problem, which shows itself as silent (no sound) videos when watching YouTube and other sites using Adobe Flash 9.

Before you do the following, you should make sure, using /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Settup, that the audio devices, audio output rate is set to 44100 Hz. Ignore this comment you do not have an admin account and one or more non-admin accounts on your Mac. Also ignore this comment if, when you play a video, settings will "stick," i.e., if you can right click on a Flash video window, choose "Settings...", change them, and find the same settings again if you reload the page.

Procedure for restoring sound

First you must uninstall all traces of "Flash," "Macromedia," and "Shockwave" in the system library and each user's library. Look in the folders below.

System library:
/Library/Application Support
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

Each user's library:
home of user/Library/Application Support
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

Then you must go to System Preferences/Accounts and temporarily give every user administrative privileges; i.e., check the "Allow user to administer this computer" box.

Then you must log on as each user and install Flash Player 9 using Adobe's "Install Flash Player 9 OSX" application.

Then you can go back to System Preferences/Accounts and remove administrative privilege from users that shouldn't have it.

That's it. It seems that Adobe's installer doesn't work correctly if the user doesn't have administrative privilege. The result is that users are unable to raise the volume setting above silent.

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