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Split a large iTunes library Apps
As my iTunes library got larger and more difficult to manage (now approaching 25,000 tracks, 150 GB), I wanted to break it into two parts--one for classical music and one for everything else. I looked at some of the scripts on Doug Adams' web site and found a few, but they all crashed trying to backup or move a list of 4,000 tracks from one place to another.

Then I looked at (but didn't try) the script from the previous posting Move iTunes audio files between hard drives via script. None of the solutions seemed to do exactly what I wanted to do.

I then realized that iTunes would do it for me, with very little trouble. First I created a playlist with all the content I wanted to move, then exported that playlist to an XML file (File > Export). I created a new user account, logged in to it, and started iTunes. I set the preferences so the new iTunes would copy all imported tracks to its local library (and made sure it was located where there was plenty of room!) and imported the XML file created in the first step. When this import was finished, all of the files and associated metadata I wanted to separate were copied to a new location.

I went back to my normal account and deleted the content of the playlist by selecting all the tracks, then pressing Option-Delete, which asked me if I wanted to actually delete the files from the library and put them in the trash.

Simple, no script, no muss, no fuss. My library is split, and it's now a little more manageable.

[kirkmc adds: I'm in a similar situation, but I actually am considering consolidating my libraries, and this hint will allow that too, as well as simply transferring some music from one library to another. I have about 200 GB of music, half classical, half "other", split into two libraries.

A few comments about this hint:

First, you need to make sure that the new account can read from the location where the original music files are stored. In my case, I use a separate hard disk for my music; this is probably what the poster does, because he didn't mention any issues. If, however, the music is in your Music folder, another user account won't be able to access it because it won't have read permission. Which leads to...

Second, while I used two separate accounts for a long time, I later switched to separate libraries managed from the same account (if you don't have a second hard disk, using the same account will prevent any of the above permissions problems). There are two ways to do this: either use iTunes built-in multiple library feature, or use something like Doug Adams' iTunes Library Manager.

Finally, it's worth noting that this method stores all the metadata associated with the files; not just the actual track info, but also your rating, play count, last played date and more. So if you want to either split or consolidate your libraries, or if you simply want to move music from one library to another, this is probably the best method for doing so.]
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Split a large iTunes library
Authored by: Nem on Oct 31, '06 08:33:23AM
I haven't tested to see if it works with purchased music, but if you have a lot of MP3 or M4A files, you can use the mt-daapd server to handle your iTunes music.

The configuration is fairly simple (including the ability to password protect and create smart playlists) and it will follow sym-links, so you can spread your music around to various hard drives, placing sym-links to those spots in a single directory and configure mt-daapd for that directory.

I now store all of my music on my file server (running Solaris x86) with mt-daapd and I can access my music from any of my Windows or Mac machines.

Nem W. Schlecht

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Do you really need a new user?
Authored by: conigs on Oct 31, '06 08:51:00AM

If you're using iTunes 7, you can simply hold down 'option' while opening the program. You are given the option to create a new library or choose between libraries. This way, you don't have the added overhead (both RAM and HD) of having an entirely new user.
Exporting and importing the XML file would be the same, but I don't think you'd need to worry about having to copy tracks because they are already where they need to be. Also, you'd just need to remove the songs from your previous library, not put them in the trash.
Of course, even if you're using a previous version of iTunes, you could use one of Doug's scripts to change libraries, or do it manually.

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Split iTunes music into multiple libraries
Authored by: gherrick on Nov 17, '07 10:59:35AM

I too have a too-large library, with Classical, Jazz, and Pop. It won't all fit on my iPod any more, so I'd like to split the library, or do something else so I can put only one segment onto the iPod. I've made a new library [opt-key while opening iTunes 7.5], "Classical & Jazz" and now I want to move the relevant music into it from the main library. "move" of course means copy from and delete from the main library. I've constructed a smart playlist of the two genres, but now I'm stuck. I've read several apparently related items, but didn't recognize any that would allow me to do all this with just iTunes operations.

Thanks in advance for a lead.

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Split a large iTunes library
Authored by: Hami on Oct 31, '06 08:34:01PM

I was planning to do this with TV Shows, Movies and Music, having the music one drive and TV Shows and Movies on another. I'll then have the 'TV Shows' and 'Movies' folders in the iTunes Music Directory aliases from the second drive.

Surely the simples solution? That would work wouldn't it?

/ Hami

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Split a large iTunes library
Authored by: conigs on Nov 01, '06 08:20:45AM

If you're just planning on moving the TV Shows and Movies to a second drive, you're best off using sym links.

For example, move your TV Shows folder to a different drive, then delete it out of the iTunes Music folder. Go into Terminal and type:

ln -s /Volumes/YOUR-DRIVE/YOUR-TV-SHOW-FOLDER ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/TV\ Shows

Sym links work much, much better than Aliases and often times, programs work better with them.

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Split a large iTunes library
Authored by: lamont_ancient on Oct 31, '06 10:10:38PM

I don't think you can go past Libra. I have numerous libraries for different types of music eg Classical, Non-Vocal, Stage & Screen etc.

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