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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script System
When Mac OS X receives a fax, it names it in a specific way -- FAX from [callerid].pdf, where the [callerid] is the CallerID of the fax sender. This can be problematic, because multiple faxes from the same caller ID can have the same filename (if the older one isn't moved before the new one arrives.)

Someone on the MacNN forums wanted to know if there was a way to automatically give each fax an unique name to avoid any risk of confusion or accidental overwriting of older faxes. This AppleScript folder action was my solution. I've posted it here since it may be useful to others. It renames incoming faxes to the format: Received Fax on [date & time when fax was received] from [CallerID].pdf

[robg adds: If you need additional help with folder action scripts, select Help: Mac Help in the Finder and search on folder action. The first match should be "Running an automation when a folder is changed," and that's the one you want to read.]
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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script
Authored by: JimAkin on Oct 23, '06 11:09:14AM

Without discounting the usefulness of this hint, which definitely improves on OS X's default behavior, there's little danger of faxes from the same sender overwriting each other.

It so happens that most of my faxes come from people who never bothered to set up their Sender IDs (or who perhaps lost them in power failures). My Mac consequently labels them "FAX from Unknown" -- and numbers each file (FAX from Unknown 1.pdf, FAX from Unknown 2.pdf, etc.) to prevent overwriting.

Adding a timestamp to each filename is great, especially for Spotlight searches, but as someone who gets relatively few faxes, sorting contents of /Users/Shared/Faxes by modification date suffices to provide the same info.


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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script
Authored by: JHromadka on Oct 24, '06 09:11:44AM

I was the one that the poster helped on MacNN (thanks again!), and the problem we ran into with the default Mac OS X naming method came when moving the files out of the Faxes folder.

If you had a FAX from Unknown.pdf file, moved it, then got another Fax from Unknown.pdf come in, it would replace the other file when moving it to the other folder.

With the full time/date stamp in the file name, this doesn't become a problem anymore.

James Hromadka

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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script
Authored by: dashard on Oct 23, '06 09:11:21PM

I don't want to p*ss on anybody's parade, but it seems that more and more of the "hints" that appear fall under the "how-to" or "tutorial" category. Far be it for me to assume editorial responsibility, but increasingly it feels like there are less of the posts that I *used* to come here for, and more of these tutorial-type offerings.

Just an observation, and only half a critique. But for my money ;-) this is not what I look for on MacOSXHints.

My $0.02

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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script
Authored by: robg on Oct 23, '06 09:54:50PM

There is a cycle here, and it clearly is tied to Apple's OS X release schedule. There are, after all, a finite number of true "hints" about a given OS release and the associated software. After six years of this, I can say that the number of such tips is large, but definitely finite. So for a period of time, roughly nine to tweleve months after a release, there are lots of "pure hints" related to the OS.

But as 12 months turns into 18 or 24, the finite population has pretty much been picked clean, putting the site into a bit of a different mode. If it were just pure hints, we'd end up running one hint every couple of weeks. So instead, I try to continue publishing interesting and potentially useful things, but yes, they're not pure hints. That's because there just aren't that many left. We've dug through most of the haystack that is 10.4 by now and found nearly all the needles, though every so often someone finds a new "pure hint" tidbit.

But such is the beauty of the web and RSS that you don't have to read here if you don't find the content interesting -- just scan the headlines and if nothing is of interest, then check again tomorrow (or don't). If you really just want the pure hints, then don't check back again until sometime in April-ish, when 10.5 ships.


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Rename inbound faxes using a folder action script
Authored by: dan55304 on Oct 24, '06 08:11:18AM

But I like these types of "hints" that go beyond the superficial. My .02.

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