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Fix extra-sensitive laptop keys Laptop Macs
This seems to have fixed a problem with a super-senstive S-key on two PowerBook G4 laptops (the story behind which is a little convoluded). The keys would register a keypress if the user put his finger on the key (not pressed it), though the other keys work fine.

Anyway, I discovered the following while trying to find a hack that would make my Mac usable without buying a new keyboard for it. Apparently, the problem was in software not hardware, and was fixed by turning the repeat rate way down, then turning it back up (in the Keyboard tab of the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences panel). This fixed my laptop as well as that of a new aquaintance's from class. Hopefully, it'll help someone else, too!
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Fix extra-sensitive laptop keys
Authored by: peragrin on Oct 16, '06 12:20:34PM

I wonder if this will fix my keyboard problems. with my G4 powerbook, when I plug the external keyboard in I sometimes get repeats of the letters y and c . Y will even work when I press the t,u or h keys.

I will post again when I get home. need to see if it works for that as well.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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Fix extra-sensitive laptop keys
Authored by: JadeNB on Oct 16, '06 01:01:23PM

On my Powerbook laptop, my friend's iBook laptop, and the iMac desktop in my office (all obviously using different keyboards), I sometimes have problems with the 'r' key. For that, and only that, key, even a very light keypress will frequently produce a doubled 'r'. As vim users know, this is a big problem! I tried the solution you recommended, but it didn't seem to work. Did you literally just slide the repeat slider all the way to the left, then back to the right, or did you do some intermediate steps?

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Fix extra-sensitive laptop keys
Authored by: sig eigei on Oct 16, '06 05:22:07PM

this happened to my 'e' key on my powerbook G4. The problem was definitely related to hardware and not software.

I had just taken in my Powerbook for service and I asked the guys to clean out the keyboard and insides by spraying compressed air through it. When I got it back the 'e' key repeat even if I simply rested my finger in the key lightly. I took the laptop back and we found a small piece of debris/crud had been loosed from the compressed air and lodged under the rubber pad in the key. Cleaning that out solved the problem.

You might be able to clear the junk by prying up the affected key or sending a blast of compressed air in the area. If it still doesn't go away you need to have them disassemble the keyboard and clean it from within. Hope this helps.

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Fix extra-sensitive laptop keys
Authored by: ThierryD on Oct 17, '06 04:17:22AM

On similar cases I had to change the value, save it, then come back to change it again and save it a second time.
If you just move the slider on one way then on the other back to its original value the Pref. files are not changed when you quit System Preferences.

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