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Make networked scanners available to other Macs Scanners
If, like me, you have a scanner as part of a networked multi-function device, you may find that the Mac support for scanning over the network is poor or even non-existent.

If you share a scanner using the Open Source SANE project, however, you can use Mattias Ellert's TWAIN/SANE interface to make it available to your Mac applications.

I used a Linux machine to share the scanner using SANE, allowing Macs on my network to use the scanner by connecting to the Linux box. Image Capture, Photoshop and Acrobat work fine with it. More information on my setup can be found here. I just happened to have a Linux machine available, but you can do a similar thing in an all-Mac environment.
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Make networked scanners available to other Macs | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: Jaharmi on Oct 16, '06 08:36:12AM

If the scanner has TWAIN compatible drivers on its Mac OS X host, you should be able to enable scanner sharing through Image Capture and then scan remotely on other Macs using Image Capture on each client.

I wish reviews of multi-function printers would include information on whether their scanner drivers work directly with Image Capture. If they do work on the host Mac, then you should be able to share that device over the network. However, this information is fairly hard to come by in reviews, and Apple hasn't exactly kept their Image Capture compatibility page up-to-date.

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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: rspeed on Oct 16, '06 05:06:20PM

"Mac support for scanning over the network is poor or even non-existent."


Out of the box isn't good enough? Someone care to explain why Image Capture isn't good enough?

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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: expanderz on Oct 16, '06 10:16:37PM

Could someone help me share my Epson 1670 scanner using Image Capture to my other mac on the Network?
I set the mac with the scanner to share in Image Capture(IC),no password. When I open IC on the other mac, the scanner doesn't show up in the devices :-(
Is there a port I should have open? Please give me a hand, it would be immensely practical.


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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: blgrace on Oct 17, '06 07:35:39AM

I've been able to get my Canoscan N650U to work across my LAN using Image Capture's device sharing - but it's a bit hit and miss.
The SANE backend and "SANE/TWAIN Interface" forgets my settings across reboot and I have to run sane-find-scanners and scanimage -L again to get them back despite having edited my config (Plustek).

Then I have to launch Image Capture and recheck the sharing preferences before I can get it to work again as these preferences don't stick across reboot either.

I have had no luck what-so-ever trying to run saned - Neither GraphicConverter or scanimage can see the shared device across the LAN on port 6566.
I don't have OS X's firewall running at all, but I've obviously missed something.

I assume the Image Capture Device sharing is handled by Bonjour - but I don't know which port(s) are used . . 5100 ?

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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: expanderz on Oct 19, '06 07:23:54PM

It was a firewall issue. After a little poking around, it works , well sorta most of the time. I have no idea why its so flaky. ;-(

First make sure both mac firewalls on the network are disabled before you start. Since I found no useful help in the help menu, I used Activity Monitor to get info on the image capture extension.
Click INSPECT and click OPEN FILES AND PORTS, scroll to the bottom and there should be the port that was used.

Example :

In this example, 5053 is the port that you should open (this is just an example) in the firewall.
Creat a new rule in the FIREWALL and enable 5053 on both macs.
Finally , open port 5053 on your ROUTER.

Thats it!

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Make networked scanners available to other Macs
Authored by: macshome on Oct 17, '06 07:45:28AM

Just as a side note, Brother has really nice Mac support. I've got a 420CN at home that I hung off a ethernet/wireless bridge. My wife uses it all day for network printing, scanning, and faxing. I've even used it as a USB or network SD card reader in a pinch.

It's cheap, fast, and fully supports Mac OS X to the point that they even have printer status widgets for Tiger.

Breaking my server to save yours.

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Brother MFC420CN
Authored by: rgray on Oct 17, '06 05:09:03PM

I second the above. My MFC420CN scans faultlessly over our network via ImageCapture connected by a bridge (Linksys WET54G)..... Prints too ;-}...

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Authored by: shavenyak on Oct 18, '06 11:21:38AM

At the risk of 'postin' "Me too" like some brain-dead AOLer', I'll have to second the recommendation for the Brother. Dirt cheap for an all-in-one with built-in ethernet, good scan and print quality, works flawlessly with Macs and Windows on a network.

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How about Airport Express?
Authored by: melodrama on Oct 18, '06 04:26:04AM

Anyone managed to get networked scanning from a multi-function device working from the USB port of an Airport Express?

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