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Browse Wikipedia on an iPod iPod
Ever wished you could hold Wikipedia in the palm of your hand? Wanted to browse Wikipedia while you're on the bus ride home? Wikipod is the answer!

Wikipod is a short Perl script which spiders through Wikipedia, downloading pages as iPod notes. All it needs is a page to start from, and a limit as to how many pages to download.

[robg adds: I tried the script, and it worked as described, with one problem -- the notes were transferred outside of my iPod's Notes folder. Once I moved them in, everything worked. If you're going to try this, however, be aware of this note from the author's page:
There's one caveat about using notes on the iPod — the first time you navigate to the Notes menu after syncing with iTunes or downloading new Wikipedia articles, the iPod needs to inspect each page to see whether the links are valid. This can take a fair amount of time (and battery, since it's disk-intensive), so I recommend leaving the iPod plugged in until it finishes.
My test case was to download 10MB of data (2,572 pages), and after transferring the data, I then navigated to the Notes section of the iPod and waited ... and waited ... and I'm still waiting, 20 minutes later -- it seems to review about a note a second, so I've got a 40ish minute wait on my hands. So heed the warning, and leave your iPod plugged in!]
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Authored by: thelamecamel on Oct 11, '06 08:21:00AM
For 4th gen and below iPods, there is a program based on ipodlinux called Encyclopodia. The advantage to this is that it has Wikipedia in its entirety (presumably minus the images) downloaded (and compressed!) for you already. (1.22GB snapshot in March this year)

The disadvantage is that you have to boot into ipodlinux to use it, and therefore can't listen to music at the same time.

(I personally haven't used Encyclopodia because my 5GB 1G iPod holds too small a fraction of my music collection as is)

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Browse Wikipedia on an iPod
Authored by: matx on Oct 11, '06 09:45:55AM

It puts everything in the right place for me, when I used the script as directed:


wikipod <wikipedia URL> <path to iPod notes directory> <# MB to fill>

Mat X -- VFX Mac Tech

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Browse Wikipedia on an iPod
Authored by: Herve5 on Oct 11, '06 10:58:32AM

I'm very disappointed. I *rushed* here, but nothing close to what I installed on my old and ugly palm, which contains a complete archive of Wikipedia in my language (without images), all indexed and searchable...

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Not working for me
Authored by: kaimoku on Oct 11, '06 12:19:23PM

I'm having a problem. I keep getting an error when I run wikipod. The output says, Can't write file: No such file or directory at ./wikipod line 130. I've run it three times with different MBs and for both 1 MB and 5 MB I got the error about a minute or so into running and when I ran it with .1 MB I got everything fine, but it was only 55 pages. Any ideas/help? Thanks.

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Not working for me
Authored by: kaimoku on Oct 11, '06 12:43:39PM

Sorry, I guess I spoke too soon. My problem was that at the end of the path to where the notes were to be saved, I didn't put the last '/'. For example, I put /Volumes/iPod/Notes and not /Volumes/iPod/Notes/
Now it works. (I can't explain why it works now, so don't ask me.)

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Browse Wikipedia on an iPod
Authored by: barefootguru on Oct 11, '06 02:17:07PM

On my 4G I'm limited to 1,000 notes... either the later iPods have removed this limitation, or you haven't tried reading notes starting with Z (they come up blank)

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