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File names and GarageBand to iTunes exports Apps
As a musician, I have become extremely fond of GarageBand -- I use it to do a lot of recording, both at home and in the studio. One day after finishing up a song, I named it something like Under/Over the_wings. Don't ask my why I decided to name it so quirky, I just did.

Anywho, when I told GarageBand to export (share) to iTunes, it went through the entire process and then the iTunes app opened up for me. However, my song was not anywhere in iTunes. I thought that was pretty odd, so I exported and shared my song to iTunes again. After the entire process was completed (again), iTunes still didn't show that my song was there.

Being the wise person I am, I decided to rename my song without any of those extra things (/, -, _). I then went through the entire process again and this time, my song showed up. The issue didn't take too much time to resolve, but if I had not thought about the possibility of naming it differently (without extra characters), this would have been a long frustrating ordeal. I hope this hint helps other people out there in music-land.
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File names and GarageBand to iTunes exports
Authored by: TokyoJimu on Sep 27, '06 12:47:22PM

Since "/" is the directory separator, I'm sure that was the problem.

You may even find your song somewhere in an Under/ directory.

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File names and GarageBand to iTunes exports
Authored by: gadgeto on Oct 01, '06 01:02:58PM

The "/" was a perfect legal charcter in the old pre OS X days.

If you use it for example in a filename OS X simply renames abc/def to abc:def, which you can verify with the terminal and ls.

Or do a "touch abc:xyz" in terminal and you will find a file named "abc/xyz".

Interessting thing is, if you try to save something like abc:xyz in a finder dialog box it will simply refuse the ":" and make it a "-" for you.

.signature: file not found.

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