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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database Apps
I have a pretty much complete set of artwork for my Tunes library, but it's all in the original version of Coverflow (bought by Apple and added to iTunes). There's no way to synch the artwork automatically, so here are a few tips. As you now by now, iTunes has two ways of storing artwork -- the old "embedded in the song" method, and the new "keep it in a database" method. If you use one of the several zillion artwork grabbing apps out there, they will still add the artwork to each individual song, swelling your library (as each song file is increased in size by about 200KB).

However, if you copy the image to the clipboard, you can add it to the database instead of to the track. Make sure that a track from the album is playing, and that the mini viewer window at the bottom left of the iTunes window is open. It should say "Drag Album Artwork Here". If you control-click on this window, you get one option: Paste. You can then paste in the artwork from the clipboard. It gets added to the whole album instantly, without the delay as the art is written to every file like before.

If you have CoverFlow (still available from MacUpdate, etc.), you can do a Command-C on a playing album and it will copy the artwork to the clipboard. You can guess the rest. Yeah, this will still take some time, but as CoverFlow (the old app) follows the playing track in iTunes, the artwork is already right there for you. I'm sure this is scriptable somehow. And CoverFlow (the old app) also grabs its art from Amazon and Google image searches, so it gets a lot more than iTunes does.

I don't have a functioning iPod to test this on, but a quick look around the web seems to confirm that iPods will read this new artwork database.

[robg adds: While it appeared I was able to add artwork to the database using this trick, I don't think it's quite working properly. It seems that only the currently-playing song would have the actual artwork associated with it (it shows in the Get Info window, and in the Now Playing window). Other tracks on the album had no artwork in Get Info or Now Playing (or on my iPod), even though the cover did appear in the 3D cover browser view. This was true regardless of whether I selected one or all album tracks prior to pasting in the Now Playing window. Can anyone clarify?]
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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: robi26 on Sep 26, '06 09:16:16AM

I was also looking for a method to save the files in the Database (I found no solution), but this hint doesn't really work.
No files in the Album Artwork folder are changed or added. Instead the mp3 files get manipulated.

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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: shavenyak on Sep 26, '06 09:49:08AM

As far as I can tell, pasting into Now Playing should simply embed the artwork in the one song that is currently playing. You can click on the Now Playing and change it to Selected Song, then select multiple songs, and the artwork will be applied to all. This is still going to embed the art in the songs as far as I can tell.

The only way I can figure out to get art into the Album Artwork folder without embedding it in the songs is to use the iTunes function to get cover art. Maybe it can be done with AppleScript but I haven't really looked into it yet.

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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: dogboy on Sep 26, '06 02:50:33PM

OK. It seems that the individual songs aren't given the artwork. But at least the Coverflow (iTunes version) shows the art in the new swooshy browser view for the whole album.
The whole "art in a database" is typically Apple. It's not portable to other platforms like standard MP3 metadata, but it *does* keep track size down.

Old Coverflow also used a database, but it is easily accessible.

Hopefully there will be a solution soon, in the form of some tracker app which will monitor what you play and suggest various pics it has found, or allow automatic addition with some kind of way to edit the incorrect artwork.


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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: tjfarrell on Sep 26, '06 03:15:34PM

This approach was working for me - at least it quickly adds art to all songs in an Album - I don't know if it is doing it efficiently storage wise.

First - select the middle button from the set of view buttons next to the search window (top right of itunes window)

Next - get into browse mode - this can be done with the button with the "eye" icon, bottom right next to the eject button.

Your screen should now be split with "Artist" and "Album" columns across the top and selected song details at the bottom. In the top, select All Artists on the left side (since some songs on the one Album may have different artists). Then select the Album on the top right.

Now you should have all songs for that album listed at the bottom. The may be split over multiple segments if multiple artists are involved (and they are not marked as a compilation).

Select all the songs from the Album. Then invoke "Get Info" (Cmd-I). When (if) it asks if you if you really want to edit information for multiple items, select "Yes".

The multiple item "Get Info" dialog will now appear. It has an "Artwork" box. Drag or past your artwork into that box. If the album has multiple artists - you may want to consider marking it as a compilation and setting the "Album Artist" to the main artist, if any - to ensure the browser shows it as one album. Then select "Ok".

iTunes will work for a little bit and then you are done.

When you sync it with your ipod it will have to update all the changed songs.

T. Farrell

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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: Morphie on Sep 26, '06 04:00:37PM

This "works" but that is how cover art was previously, and as stated above it adds 200k-500k per song and eats up your harddrive (and iPod for that matter)

That being said, I am really looking forward to someone figuring out how to store something in the iTunes database. I think I'll take a look at it myself and see if I can figure it out, as I have lots of "not on iTunes" cd's that I'd love to have cover art for without using up lots of space to do so.

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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: apieros on Sep 26, '06 07:45:20PM

The public statements about iTunes album artwork only storing in the folder, not the files are incorrect.

What iTunes actually does when you "download art for this track" or paste art/drag art into the box is to stick the art in the "downloaded" folder, and also tag one of the album tracks with the art, and none of the others.

Way to verify this in 7- turn on coverflow. Go to an album you've tagged from the store. Start at the first track, and coverflow flips to the album art. If you have the oldschool art box open (in the lower left) watch it as you scroll down through the tracks. No art shows up on a per-track basis, until you get to the one that iTunes tagged.

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How to paste cover art into iTunes 7 art database
Authored by: david-bo on Sep 27, '06 02:02:43PM

Not true.


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