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Use iWeb's .Mac comment system without iWeb Apps
iWeb is Apple's application for easily creating good-looking web pages without much hassle. It also supports the easy creation of weblogs. One of the benefits of using .mac with iWeb is the fact that iWeb 1.1 makes use of a .mac commenting system so that readers can leave feedback directly on the weblog.

Using .mac comments is much better, IMHO, than using external commenting systems like HaloScan because .mac comments can be easily embedded directly on the entry pages. You don't have to open a new window to see the comments. Unfortunately, typically only iWeb can use the .mac commenting system. If you use any other weblog creation app (like iBlog), you're out of luck.

Or not. My friend and I did some poking around in the JavaScript of the .mac commenting system and in iWeb, and we figured out how the .mac commenting system works. So if you publish a weblog to your iDisk using some app other than iWeb, I've made a small (and free) utility that allows you to use .mac comments with this app.

The utility is called Dot Comments. The application is not all you need in order to activate .mac comments; you also need to change your weblog templates. There's a general tutorial here, and an iBlog-specific tutorial here, that outline the steps you need to take in order to activate .mac comments on your weblog. If you want to see a weblog with .mac comments in action, look no further than my own. (For contrast, here is a dummy weblog created with iWeb that also has .mac comments activated.)

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, but the ability to use .Mac's comment system on non-iWeb .Mac blogs could prove useful to some folks.]
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Use iWeb's .Mac comment system without iWeb
Authored by: CArringt on Sep 27, '06 08:51:42AM

So does this mean that you are able to use other bloging setups? like wordpress or b2evolution?

I'm about to help my mom build her own website using iWeb and part of it will be a weblog, but she doesn't have a .mac account. she has a hosted server and a registered domain. Will this help me?

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Use iWeb's .Mac comment system without iWeb
Authored by: simX on Sep 27, '06 09:14:19AM

Nope. You'll need a .mac account to use the .mac commenting system. So if you don't have a .mac account, you'll still need to use something like HaloScan.

This hint is for those who post their weblogs on the .mac server using some static weblog creation app (iBlog, for instance), and who don't want to pay for/use ad-supported external commenting services.

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Use iWeb's .Mac comment system without iWeb
Authored by: simX on Sep 27, '06 09:22:40AM

I suppose to more directly answer your question: will this work with WordPress, etc.? Answer: I'm not sure. The only weblog app that I've definitely tested this with is iBlog, but there's no fundamental reason why you wouldn't be able to use it with WordPress or something else. You just have to add some HTML and some JavaScript to your weblog templates. In the case of WordPress, though, I think that already supports comments (since it's a dynamically-generated weblog as opposed to a static one like weblogs created with iBlog), so I'm not sure why you would want to use .mac comments instead.

But again, you'll need a paid .mac account in order for this to work.

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Use iWeb's .Mac comment system without iWeb
Authored by: benfsmith on Sep 28, '06 08:25:00AM

Now, would someone please post a hint for using .Mac comments in iWeb without .Mac?

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