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Keep 'Unknown Album' tracks together in iTunes 7 Apps
The new Album and Cover Art views in iTunes are great ways to view your music library ... unless you have many tracks that have no album information. These tracks end up being displayed as separate albums, making scrolling through either view a pain.

To get around this, you can simply fill in the album info. You can use Unknown Album (my personal choice), a single space, or anything else. I organized my library by album in normal view, selected all tracks not having any album, and changed the album tag to " " (single space, no quote marks). This has two benefits -- first, all tracks that had no album info are now grouped together the way they should be, and second, iTunes simply shows the just artist name instead of Artist - Unknown Album in either view.

[robg adds: This is an alternative to the method suggested in this hint.]
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Keep 'Unknown Album' tracks together in iTunes 7
Authored by: lbya on Sep 25, '06 09:18:40AM

I have to say, none of these workarounds are as good as the old CoverFlow's ability to just hide albums with less than a certain # of tracks in them. I have plenty of "partial albums" that, even though there is an album name, are so partial (e.g. 1 track) that I'd rather not see them in CoverFlow. Anyone know how to simulate that behavior without going in and editing/deleting all the album names?

Or what about hiding albums when the album art hasn't been downloaded/can't be found? Is that possible?

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Keep 'Unknown Album' tracks together in iTunes 7
Authored by: rmessnerjr on Sep 25, '06 10:41:20AM

I found that when the Artist field is populated with something such as "Artist featuring So-And-So" that these would separate themselves from the Album, especially on single songs with no Album name.

I entered the artist's name in the Album Artist field and these "Featuring so-and-so" songs moved back into the album.


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Keep 'Unknown Album' tracks together in iTunes 7
Authored by: harperska on Sep 25, '06 11:59:40AM

This can be solved by declaring the album as a compilation. If it is a compilation, all its tracks will be displayed as one album in coverflow view regardless of artist name. And if you sort by 'album by artist', all compilations will still stick together, which they won't under sort by artist.

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Don't use N/A
Authored by: mrboma on Sep 25, '06 12:08:45PM

I had several tracks with Artist and Album listed as N/A. iTunes downloaded the artwork for an album by NA (some singer... I dunno who she is). Obviously, I changed the fields to something other than N/A and deleted the srtwork. However, a couple of my streaming radio stations automatically update the Artist and Album fields with N/A every time they play. So even if I change the fields, they get changed back. And with the streaming radio stations, I can't edit the artwork, either. So those are stuck with the NA artwork. Very frustrating.

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Don't use N/A
Authored by: tirerim on Sep 26, '06 08:35:57AM

Why not just set iTunes to not download artwork automatically? Then the radio stations' artwork won't be updated.

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