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Google Talk and MSN via Jabber together in iChat Apps
If you keep in touch with your Microsoft Windows Live (MWL/MSNM/MSN) contacts, you've most likely figured out how to connect to your MSN account via a Jabber server (i.e. here's one way). You probably established an account on that server and registered with the MSN service. Well that's what I did anyway. Then, when I added this new Jabber account to iChat, I was no longer able to log in to my Google Talk Jabber account, since iChat only allows one Jabber account to be active at any time. The same restriction applies for AIM accounts, too.

So, I continued to use Adium for my MSN account and iChat for my Google Talk account ... until I figured out that you don't really need multiple Jabber accounts in the first place. From any Jabber account, you can add other Jabber contacts, even if they are on other networks. So, from that new Jabber account you created in order to get a gateway to your MSN contacts, you can add your Google Talk contacts or any other Jabber contacts. The caveat here is that if you use a Jabber account that your friends do not recognize, they may not know who you are and may not authorize you as a valid contact on their side. The solution is to chuck that new Jabber account and keep your old one. But what if this "old" one is on Google Talk?

If you've already established a Google Talk account and have it set up in iChat, you can add non-Google Talk users to your contact list, as I mentioned before. You can also add an MSN gateway to your Google Talk account, but you'll need the help of a more complete Jabber client such as PSI.

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Set up your Google Talk account in PSI. (*See note at end of article about nicknames.)
  2. Once you've done this, you can register an MSN service with the Google Talk server. Start from step 4 on the iChat to MSN through Jabber page (note: page sometimes loads slowly; give it time).
  3. From the PSI: Service Discovery window, you'll notice that the Address is (or something similar), and that no MSN service is available. You now need to choose a Jabber server that has this service available. When you've located one, continue with the tutorial to register your MSN account.

    Note: As soon as you've registered your MSN account with the Jabber server, you will start receiving authorization messages for each of your MSN contacts as well as one for the Jabber server user, such as, but will vary depending on the Jabber server you have decided to use. If you do not authorize this "contact" (server), you will be logged out of the server, so it is important to authorize it.
  4. In step 5 from the iChat to MSN through Jabber page, when you add names to your address book, remember that your Google Talk names will not use the % notation, just the standard e-mail format such as
  5. When you get to step 6 on that page, follow the instructions from Google instead on how to set up Google Talk in iChat (if you've not set up iChat already).
You should now have your Google contacts mixed in with your MSN contacts. You can repeat this process to add other networks such as Yahoo!.

Note about nicknames: You should always try to use the nickname field when registering your Jabber and/or MSN accounts. If not, you may end up with long nicknames such as instead of just Mike, for example. This is what will be transmitted when you are chatting.

Last notes: It seems that you can't see your MSN contacts' pictures, nor can they see yours. The former problem can be taken care of by adding pics of your contacts to the Address Book. If anyone know why pictures are not transmitted via Jabber, if it's just a Google Network problem, or how to fix this, your comments would be welcomed. I also haven't tested audio/video.
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Google Talk and MSN via Jabber together in iChat
Authored by: eirikwulff on Sep 25, '06 09:47:55AM

The avatar problem is probably due to an old version of the Jabber Gateway (probably PyMSNt). You also will have problems sending or receiving files with this version. The newest version (0.11 or newer) supports avatars and file transfers, but not audio/video.

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Google Talk and MSN via Jabber together in iChat
Authored by: kainewynd2 on Sep 25, '06 11:03:31AM

Does anyone know what you would need to do to enable this functionality on Tiger Server's Jabber server?

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Google Talk and MSN via Jabber together in iChat
Authored by: eirikwulff on Sep 26, '06 03:48:04PM
Actually, I do. We run it on our company Xserve...

You can download PyMSNt from (if the site still responds, it seems a bit dead at the moment) and set it up using their documentation. The built-in Jabber Server (jabberd 1.x) is happy to comply.

You don't need to download any extra Python libraries, they are already there in Tiger (as far as I remember). You also need to make a StartupItem that starts PyMSNt at startup.

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Google Talk and MSN via Jabber together in iChat
Authored by: n8236 on Oct 12, '06 04:56:19AM

Any way to combine the AIM list w/ the MSN and others list? I tried to add an AIM server from the Service Directory and it wouldn't allow me. Two buddy list windows is quite annoying.

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