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iTunes 7 sidebar keyboard shortcuts Apps
I discovered by accident that there are alot of seemingly random keyboard shortcuts in itunes while the active selection is anything in the sidebar. What the keys do depends on what you have in your itunes sidebar in the way of named playlists, audiobooks, TV shows, etc.

First of all, named playlists take priority over everything else. For example if you have a playlist named Alternative Rock, then when you press the [A] key, iTunes will highlight that playlist. If you have no playlist that starts with an A, then it will take you to Audiobooks ... unless you have no Audiobooks, then it will take you to the "iTunes Store". See what I mean by seemingly random.

I have put together a list of shortcuts and the items they activate below (assuming that you have no playlists that start with that letter):
  • Movies - [K], [L], [J], [M]
  • TV Shows - [T]
  • Audiobooks - [;], ["], []
  • Radio - [R], [Q]
  • iTunes Store - [F], [I], [E], [B], [H], [G], [D], [A], [C]
If you have no Audiobooks, then all the keys assigned to Audiobooks are assigned to the iTunes Store.
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iTunes 7 sidebar keyboard shortcuts
Authored by: cboyce on Sep 19, '06 07:46:52AM

This isn't new. iTunes is selecting things alphabetically, best it can. Works the same way in the Finder (as it has for years) and a bunch of other places, thankfully. Type a letter and the first thing starting with that letter is selected. If nothing starts with that letter, they look at things starting with the next letter of the alphabet, and keep going until there is something to select. "Z" is a little different-- if you type a Z and there isn't anything that starts with Z, the last item alphabetically is selected.

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iTunes 7 sidebar keyboard shortcuts
Authored by: joestalin on Sep 19, '06 10:32:08AM

Furthermore, you can deal with overlaps, eg, "Party shuffly" and "Partially Funky Grooves" by just typing in enough of the name to uniquely identify that playlist--in the above example, you'd need to type past P-A-R-T.

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iTunes 7 sidebar keyboard shortcuts
Authored by: keith130 on Sep 19, '06 12:05:21PM

If you type out the full name of the item you want it goes straight to it, typing Music will take you there... I don't see the problem. It seems pretty useful if you ask me.

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iTunes 7 sidebar keyboard shortcuts
Authored by: koelling on Sep 20, '06 08:54:01AM

The thing that is new, and mildly annoying is that before you could type L and always get to library since it was at the top. This may not seem like an issue to the average user, but I have over 150 playlists over there :) I like to have my complete albums in a playlist. This may need to be a hint on its own, but if you have songs entirely from one band, one album you can type cmd-shif-n and get a playlist in the form "Artist - Album". I'll do a search and submit that later if it hasn't been covered.

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