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Add images to an existing system screen saver System
OS X comes with a number of screen savers. I happen to use Cosmos, which contains astronomical pictures from the Hubble telescope and elsewhere. It is possible to add your own pictures to the screen saver and to see the results immediately. Suppose you want to add X.jpg to Cosmos. Begin by copying X.jpg to the Desktop (just for the sake of sanity). Launch Terminal and enter the following two commands:
$ cd /System/Library/Screen Savers/Cosmos.slideSaver/Contents/Resources
$ sudo cp /Users/emn/Desktop/X.jpg
(Using sudo is necessary to get around the restricted permissions in the System folder.)

This can be done with any of the system's resident screen savers. Just substitute the name of the screen saver package in place of Cosmos. Be sure you quit Terminal before you forget that you changed the working directory!

Next time you run the screensaver, your X.jpg will show up. You can verify this immediately by running System Preferences and selecting Desktop/Screen Savers, then clicking on Cosmos and testing it.

[robg adds: First, I don't recommend this as a general solution -- it'd be better to copy the images out of the saver you'd like to use, add them to iPhoto, and then make an album in iPhoto to use as a screen saver. That way, you're not modifying a system folder. However, if you are going to go this route, you can do it all in the Finder. Just control-click on the Cosmos.slidesaver (in /Sytem -> Library -> Screen Savers), pick Show Package Contents, then navigate into Contents -> Resources. Add your images and provide your admin password when asked. Note that it's very possible that a system update will overwrite your added images. Again, I would recommend copying the images *out* rather than adding your own *in* as it's a safer way to do things.]
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Add images to an existing system screen saver
Authored by: JadeNB on Sep 11, '06 08:14:52AM

You could also just copy to the directory, rather than cd'ing into it:

sudo cp /Users/emn/Desktop/X.jpg /System/Library/Screen\ Savers/Cosmos.slideSaver/Contents/Resources

(Notice that you need to escape the space in "Screen Savers", or else quote it -- whether or not you cd first.) If there's really some reason to cd, you can always run a subshell:

(cd /System/Library/Screen\ Savers/Cosmos.slideSaver/Contents/Resources; sudo cp /Users/emn/Desktop/X.jpg)

When this command is finished, you'll be wherever you were in the directory tree before you executed it.

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Authored by: rhowell on Sep 11, '06 09:27:15AM

I'm not in front of my Mac now, but can't you just drag-and-drop into the folder (after Show Package Contents), and Finder will ask you to authenticate? Is Terminal even required for this?

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Authored by: Tim.Lance on Sep 11, '06 03:12:52PM

What I just did. Thanks to the hinter!

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Add images to an existing system screen saver
Authored by: tr on Sep 11, '06 10:32:50AM

There's missing a " ."

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Add images to an existing system screen saver
Authored by: zpjet on Sep 12, '06 01:58:13AM

safest solution - copy your favourite .slideSaver into your Library > Screen Savers, rename it and modify its content - BYO pictures. then select in System Preferences.

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Add images to an existing system screen saver
Authored by: cra on May 27, '12 01:10:17PM

Would it somehow be possible to "add" an entire folder, preferably on my NAS? I would love to be able to have the system screensaver flipping through all our family photos. That way they would be seen a lot more. I had a similar setup on our (dare I say it) Windows machine a few years back, and we all really enjoyed the randomness of thousand of photos dating hours or years back in time.

Any way to achieve this on the Mac?

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Add images to an existing system screen saver
Authored by: mousyak on May 29, '12 12:43:35PM

In System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver, when you're selecting your screen saver, click on the small + sign underneath the list of available Screen Savers, and one of the options is "Add Folder of Pictures". Easy as that. :-)
Enjoy your family pics while your Mac is idle!

PS: This is under 10.7. In 10.5 you have the option to "Choose Folder" directly in the list of available Screen Savers. I don't have access to a 10.6 machine right now, but I fugure it will be similar to either one.

Edited on May 29, '12 12:44:50PM by mousyak

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