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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes Internet
It is easy to give and Gmail something very close to synchronized inbox and sent mail boxes. Any message sent in will be stored in Gmail's serverside sent box, any message sent through Gmail's web interface will store a copy in your Mac's sent mail box, and any received message will also be available through the web interface or on your own computer. This is most useful because it allows access of any of your email from anywhere through Gmail's nice interface, and it allows you to download your email and keep it offline and able to be read without an internet connection.

First, enable POP access in Gmail. Next, set up to use gmail's POP server and SMTP server. (Using your ISP's SMTP server instead will not allow messages sent from to be stored in Gmail.) Finally, add a rule in and put it toward the very top of the priority list:

If all of the following conditions are met:
  • From Contains your name
  • To Does Not Contain your name
Perform the following actions:
  • Move message to mailbox: Sent
  • Mark as Read
  • Stop evaluating rules
In, using Gmail's SMTP server stores the sent message on Gmail's server for later viewing on In Gmail, sending a message leaves a copy on the gmail account which is retrieved through POP3 by, which is routed by the mail rule to your sent box. Thus, all your sent mail is backed up on gmail's server and stored locally on your Mac.
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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: zpjet on Aug 29, '06 09:10:10AM

i found google's smtp implementation and integration amazing and have been using it for many months now but thanks for the good hint of moving sent ones!

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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: davidm on Aug 29, '06 11:15:48AM
I assume this won't work for synchronizing messages on Gmail and two macs, as that would require IMAP which Gmail doesn't support. If anyone has a workaround for this scenario, I'd love to hear it!

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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: rspeed on Aug 29, '06 11:32:59AM

Have Mail leave the messages on the server. Have it delete them after the maximum amount of time you'll go without checking mail on either of the machines.

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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: davelentz on Aug 29, '06 01:20:47PM

When I have gmail on one machine that I want in my primary mail archive on another machine, I just mount the drive containing the mail I want on the machine that I want to move it to (it works in either direction, of course), and open the ~/Library/Mail/ directory, locate the message I want to copy and drag it into the corresponding folder on the machine where I want it to be, and then rebuild* the Gmail Inbox mailbox on the target machine.

(*Rebuild by selecting the mailbox to be rebuilt, and then invoke Mail's Mailbox:Rebuild menu item.)

I'm sure it's possible to build an applescript to go into the "Mail Scripts" scripts folder that would compare the various Mail messages folders and sync them by copying messages from one folder to the other and rebuilding any mailboxes whose contents have changed.

But the previous suggestion makes a whole lot more sense, and is MUCH easier to implement.

I use this manual method because I don't want my mailboxes on different systems to mirror each other, and only occasionally do I read into one mailbox a message that I'd like to preserve in another.

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IMAP via Gmail - Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: dsomar on Aug 30, '06 08:02:36AM

I did come across a blog post recently on how to configure your gmail account as a pseudo IMAP account, all for free. Google it and I'm sure the blog post will come up.

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Authored by: tomem on Aug 29, '06 04:53:57PM

When I saw that Gmail allowed POP access, my reaction was "so what?" because I thought I wanted to do what this setup allows, and I didn't think it was possible to do outgoing mail. This makes me wonder why I need a .Mac email account.

Thanks much!

Crofton, MD

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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: dip on Aug 30, '06 07:10:10AM

I would also love a way to mirror outgoing email on a second Mac -- is there a means to do this via gmail or otherwise?

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The rule may move other mail
Authored by: alexmathew on Aug 30, '06 08:54:28AM

The hint is good - but the rule may inadvertantly move ALL mail that contain the "From" as Myself to sent. I usually always copy myself when I send a message from Mail - its a good reminder and also acts as an To-Do list - if these get filed in Sent, I would forget about it. That said, its only a matter of figuring out a good rule or forget about the rule and file it manually!

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The rule may move other mail
Authored by: momerath on Aug 30, '06 04:44:29PM

Nope; I do the same thing, that's why there's the "To does not contain: your name" step. This way, sent mail to self is bypassed by the rule.

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Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes
Authored by: el_compa on Jan 05, '07 07:53:07PM

I started using the rules in this tip but found out something easier. I wanted to use my Mac as a GMail backup (just to be on the safe side), but still use the web interface as my main access form.

For the incoming (POP3) mail rule, create a rule where you check the "Delivered-To" header. This is set on all of GMail's messages. Like:

Delivered-To -> is equal ->

And for the outgoing email (SMTP), copy the rule before and add this condition:
From -> is equal ->

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