View TiVo Series2 Now Playing lists in Safari

Aug 25, '06 07:30:01AM

Contributed by: hargreae

If you have a TiVo Series2 box on the same local network as your Mac, you can view the Now Playing list in any web browser. Safari is the easiest, due to its use of Rendezvous/Bonjour Bookmarks. With the Bonjour Bookmarks enabled in Safari's preferences, you should see the name of your TiVo as a Bookmark in the Bonjour Collection. If you double-click it, it will take you to a page that says "Congratulations! You've successfully connected your TiVo box to your home network" and the URL should look something like this:


Change the http:// to https:// and change index.html to nowplaying/index.html:


When you visit that page, you may encounter a certificate error that you can ignore, and you will be prompted with a login window. Enter tivo as the login and your 10-digit Media Access Key, or MAK, as the password.

You will reach a web page titled Now Playing that lists all the programs currently in your TiVo's Now Playing area. It can be viewed in Classic or Folder mode. You can also download the recorded programs as .tivo files, though they cannot be viewed in Mac OS X.

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