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Read both partitions on a hybrid disk System
It seems that there have been lots of posts here (and elsewhere) about trying to read both the Mac-friendly HFS and Windows-friendly ISO 9660 partitions on a hybrid disk under Mac OS X. (Automount mounts only the HFS partition for you.)

I wish I could take credit for the solution, which astrozomby posted at osxfaq, but instead I'll just share the wealth. Here are the instructions, rewritten with some more details...

Determine your CD-ROMs device ID:
  1. In Terminal without the hybrid disk inserted, do a diskutil list to see what disks are present. They'll appear as /dev/disk?, with ? being a number. I'll assume /dev/disk0 is the only thing on the list at this point.
  2. Insert the hybrid disk.
  3. Do a diskutil list again, and take note of the new disk ID that appears -- this device is your CD-ROM. I'll assume /dev/disk1 now appears along with /dev/disk0.
Mount the ISO 9660 image:
  1. Assuming you'd like to mount the image under /Volumes, do something like mkdir /Volumes/isoimg in Terminal to create a directory. (Of course you could mount the image under any directory you like, including your Desktop.)
  2. Do sudo mount -t cd9660 -o nodev,nosuid,read_only /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/isoimg to mount the image. Since you've sudoed the command, you'll be asked for the password to your account. I'm assuming you have admin rights on your machine.
  3. You're all set. Hack around in Terminal or issue an open . command to get a Finder window.
A few notes:
  • Supposedly, holding down Command-Option-I while inserting the disk will do the same thing; I gave this a shot but it didn't work for me.
  • Also, I suppose it's possible that the iso9660 image isn't on s1 of the disk but is instead on s2, etc. You can check this with diskutil list, or just try other devices, like /dev/disk1s2, etc.
  • I'm sure you can somehow avoid using sudo to mount the image ... but I'm not exactly sure how. Please let me know if you know.
Hope this is useful for people.
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Read both partitions on a hybrid disk
Authored by: luomat on Aug 28, '06 09:29:10AM

I believe that you can use diskutil w/o being root. I don't have a drive handy ATM so I'm guessing at the syntax but I think it's something like

diskutil mount /dev/disk1s3 /Volumes/WhereToMount

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