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Add a random signature to Entourage emails Apps
I have created an AppleScript which will append a random quote to the bottom of your signature in Microsoft Entourage 2004. You can get the script from (macosxhints mirror).

To use this script, you need to do a little configuration in Entourage. First create a signature called QuoteMeNowBase. In this signature you can place any normal signature you like. Make sure you leave a blank line after the signature so the quotes don't run into your signature.

Then create an empty signature called QuoteMeNowSig. In your account settings, configure your signature to be the QuoteMeNowSig signature. Then create a schedule to rotate the quote. For instance, if you wanted to rotate your quote every minute, create a schedule that runs this script every minute. To rotate every hour or day, make that the frequency of the schedule.

Change the MyURL setting to one that you want. If you use my quote generator, you can discover a list of possible my= settings by visiting this URL. Click on one of the links, and you will see all the quotes for that category.

If you want to use the category, change your MyURL to look like this:
Where somecat is a category from the list. To use a random quote from amongst all of the possible quotes, just use the base URL:

Most of the categories come from the Fortune database as distributed via Fink. I maintain the category "motivation," while the "qotd" category is imported from the quote of the day site every day.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one...]
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Add a random signature to Entourage emails
Authored by: RussellK on Aug 15, '06 09:16:18AM
Umm...unless I'm missing something here, this hint is a tremendously round-about way to re-create an existing feature of Entourage (2004 at least, since that's the only version I have running to verify).

From the MS Office Help viewer:

Specify a default signature

1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
2. Click the account that you want to specify a default signature for, and then click Edit.
3. Do one of the following:
• For IMAP, Hotmail, or POP accounts, click the Options tab.
• For Exchange accounts, click the Mail ta4. Under Message Options, on the Default signature pop-up menu, do one of the following:
• To insert a specific signature each time you send a message from the account, click the signature.
• To insert a signature from your random list each time you send a message from the account, click Random

As you can see, the final bullet in these instructions covers the use of random signatures...

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Add a random signature to Entourage emails
Authored by: RussellK on Aug 15, '06 09:24:39AM

Strange...I posted my comment to the hint and THEN the rest of the hint became visible when I just came back here now. I guess it was posted but in mid-edit when I commented?

At any rate, my comment still applies to the TITLE of this hint (as it suggests it is a hint to simply randomize the signature), but obviously adding a random quote from a website is beyond Entourage's built-in signature randomizer...

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Add a random signature to Entourage emails
Authored by: ryanhunt on Aug 15, '06 06:43:10PM

I started this little exercise because I get a daily email with a motivational quote in it. When I found one I really liked I would create a random signature for it. The problem as you can imagine is I started to get quite a few random signatures where the only thing changing was the quote at the bottom.

I am thinking of incorporating a more robust parsing mechanism to download the Quote of the Day or the Word of the Day, and storing it in a sig file. Anyone else interested in this approach?

I have also though of creating a quote submission page where people can submit their own quotes. Any interest in that?

Ryan Hunt

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Add a random signature to Entourage emails
Authored by: Libwolf on Apr 11, '07 06:13:30PM
It's been a while since this hint was posted, but I've made a minor mod to it. What this version does is call upon Fortune - in this case at "/sw/bin/fortune ~/library/bin/sigs.txt" - instead of the external site (which seems to be down). You'll need to change the path to your fortune files or prefered extension.

set MyQuote to ""
set MySignature to ""

	set MyQuote to do shell script "/sw/bin/fortune ~/library/bin/sigs.txt"
on error
end try

on AddQuoteToSignature(MyQuote)
	tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
		if exists signature "QuoteMeNowBase" then
			set QuoteMeNowBase to signature "QuoteMeNowBase"
			set MySignature to the content of QuoteMeNowBase
		end if
		set MySignature to MySignature & MyQuote
		if exists signature "QuoteMeNowSig" then
			set the content of signature "QuoteMeNowSig" to MySignature
			make new signature with properties {name:"QuoteMeNowSig", content:MySignature, include in random:false}
		end if
	end tell
end AddQuoteToSignature

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