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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton AntiVirus Apps
Because I am forced to share files with the Windows world, and because I run Virtual PC (VPC) on my Mac and share files between VPC and my Mac OS, I still need to use antivirus software. My company's choice is Norton AntiVirus 10 (NAV; packaged as part of Symantec Solutions). Installing NAV 10 on my Mac also installed Norton Auto-Protect and the Norton QuickMenu. Both are configured and controlled through separate preference panes in my System Preferences.

Being an anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive user when it comes to my Mac, I try to limit 'background' apps and the like as much as possible. For NAV, my only use is to scan specific files as needed, so I obviously didn't want the Auto-Protect running, and certainly didn't want the QuickMenu cluttering up my menubar or taking up any unnecessary resources. Disabling Auto-Protect was simple enough: I simply de-selected the checkbox labelled Enable Norton Auto-Protect in the Norton Auto-Protect preference pane.

In the Norton QuickMenu preference pane, there is a similar checkbox which I also de-selected. However, I noticed that a process called Norton QuickMenu persisted in showing up and staying active in Activity Monitor every time I started my Mac. It claimed little or no CPU usage, but was listed as taking 5MB to 10MB of Real Memory and more than 400MB of Virtual Memory!

With the Enable Norton QuickMenu box de-selected, the other two sub-listed checkboxes in the preference pane (meant to enable/disable Norton AntiVirus or LiveUpdate) are greyed-out and cannot be toggled on/off. In my case, they were toggled on, but since they were greyed out, I assumed this was irrelevant (since the entire QuickMenu was supposed to have been disabled by the overall checkbox).

Well ... I enabled QuickMenu again, just long enough to manually de-select those two sub-checkboxes, then disabled QuickMenu again. When I did that, the QuickMenu process disappeared from Activity Monitor and has yet to show up again. I find it annoying that this and some other apps/utilities grey out certain menu settings based on superior menu settings, but that the greyed-out settings still apply. If you disable the parent, the children should automatically be disabled -- it just makes logical sense.
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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton Anti Virus
Authored by: tc_nyc on Aug 08, '06 01:30:44PM

I've also found that Norton, like some other apps I truly dislike and avoid whenever possible, put a hook in the /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist file to start themselves up before the login window appears. No amount of preference setting stops this activity.

I recommend you edit your loginwindow.plist to remove the Norton entries which will prevent these unnecessary background apps from starting on your machine.

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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton Anti Virus
Authored by: RussellK on Aug 08, '06 01:55:10PM

Hmm...if this is in my loginwindow.plist I'll be pushed over the edge re: Norton, and will trash the app in spite.

Can you please elaborate on how to view/edit this file?

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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton Anti Virus
Authored by: tc_nyc on Aug 11, '06 11:31:19AM

Just open your hard drive, open Library, open Preferences, and find the loginwindow.plist file. Items in the XML document are run at startup. You can delete entire entries by selecting the text between the 'dict' and '/dict' lines.

I use BBEdit or pico in the terminal to edit the file (and you will need an administrator password to edit), but I suppose you could use textedit as well.

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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton AntiVirus
Authored by: ryebrye on Aug 08, '06 06:15:14PM

Why do you have Norton Anti-Virus installed at all? Do you also walk around sterilized environments wearing a HAZMAT suit?

Here - I'll scan your hard drive.... zzzzz zzzz zzz. Yep. No Viruses. You're clean.

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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton AntiVirus
Authored by: RussellK on Aug 09, '06 07:11:21AM

Okay, that's it. NAV is banned from my computer.

First, it crashes half the time I try to run LiveUpdate.

Second, it doesn't allow me to turn it off because of it's illogical preference panes.

Third, when I search the Symantec site for this alleged "better" uninstaller, using the "Search Symantec for Mac" subsection, all I get are Windows-related results.

And now, I'm being ridiculed by fellow MacOSXHints users for running it.

That's the last straw for me. Now if only I trusted my HAZMAT suit enough to protect me outdoors, I'd walk my copy of NAV over to the local dump myself and throw it in...

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Truly disable QuickMenu feature in Norton AntiVirus
Authored by: MacInEnterprise on Aug 08, '06 08:52:25PM

Your company might want to consider using the enterprise version of Symantec's software, Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh (SAV Mac), instead of the consumer software. With SAV Mac, you wouldn't have to deal with the QuickMenu at all.

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