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Permanently disable the Finder System
I don't know about all of you, but with the advent of Spotlight, I find myself using the Finder less and less. After a lot of searching, I finally figured out how to kill it so it does not restart.
  1. Open Terminal, found in /Applications -> Utilities, and then type sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/ /Applications/ -- this will move the Finder into your Applications folder. (You will be prompted for your password.)
  2. Still in Terminal, type killall Finder -- this kills the process named Finder, and it should not restart! Note that this does not affect the Dock or Exposť.
To start the Finder manually, just search for it in Spotlight, add it to your Dock, or configure it to start when you login. If you want to undo everything and get the Finder back to the way it was, open Terminal (using Spotlight or your Dock) and type:
sudo mv /Applications/ /System/Library/Coreservices/
This will move the Finder application back to its original location. After logout, it should be automatically started again on the next login.

[robg adds: Just after 10.0 came out, this hint explained how to replace the Finder with any other application -- I'm not sure if that still works or not. Somewhat more recently, this hint explains how to fully replace the Finder with Path Finder.]
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Permanently disable the Finder - bad hack | just use the 'Quit' menu
Authored by: zahadum on Jul 27, '06 10:22:45AM

moving & hiding files is a total hack! -- it is not to be recommended.

In general, the design of osx was predicated upon a degree of abstraction over system/physical recsources (unlike Classic). Hence the use of unix-style (non-binary) configuration files - plists, etc.

The correct way to control the Finder is simply to restore the (disabled by default) Quit menu.

there are a couple of 3rd party utilities out there that do this.

once people start reflexively thinking that the solutuions to their problems is to directly manipulate any structure that they want to control, they are in for a world of pain - because they expose them to a myriad of brittle dependencies with they must become intimately familiar.

that is NOT mac thinking (ie chasing the machine).

that is windows thinking.

there should be de-mod points for BAD tips :-)

mailto:osxinfo _at_

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Permanently disable the Finder - bad hack | just use the 'Quit' menu
Authored by: oncmonkey on Jul 27, '06 01:53:23PM

Why is there always some bright spark who replies to a hint with "just do [manual operation x]", as if this is a solution? Just manually quit the Finder every time you log in or restart? Nice. So elegant. So Mac-like.

Hey look, poster #3 actually addressed the problem.

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: chrononaut on Jul 27, '06 11:12:07AM
As a software solution for those who already have these apps.

Both Tinkertool and Coc(k)tail add a 'Quit Finder' menu to the Finder which lets you quit it as an application simply by selecting 'Finder:Quit Finder'. And once quit the Finder does not relaunch itself.

(this system won't allow me to write out coc(k)tail correctly ;-)

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: pecosbill on Jul 27, '06 11:40:38AM
The next security release or update to the OS will FAIL to find the moved Finder. This is a Very Bad Thing. Instead, create a script and set it to launch at Login:

tell application "Finder"
end tell

Pecos Bill

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: ghay on Jul 27, '06 01:14:42PM

If you move the finder from it's proper location, you may prevent future updates from updating it, and then the old finder may be incompatible and you could be left with a non-working system.

If you really don't need it, set loginwindow to open something else instead, a la the pathfinder hint

defaults write Finder /Full/Path/To/Path\

This is a horrendous 'hint' and the first time I would recommend one to be deleted.

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: mnewman on Jul 27, '06 05:10:06PM

Even if you Quit the Finder it starts up again every time Safari downloads a file...

Any way to stop that from happening?

Mike Newman
Saipan and Narita Layover Pages:

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use Terminal
Authored by: freerangehuman on Jul 27, '06 07:20:21PM
Open Terminal and type
defaults write QuitMenuItem YES
Found this in the forums, actually. Works for me.

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: bugmenot on Jul 27, '06 07:32:45PM
The Quit menu is an excellent way to quit the Finder, but if you only have to do it once, it's easier to use AppleScript from Terminal. Just type
osascript -e 'tell app "Finder" to quit'
This quits the Finder nicely, like the quit menu does. The "killall Finder" suggestion in the hint works, but doesn't give it an opportunity to take care of its business before terminating the process. If you have a file transfer in progress, or any network operations going, killing it could leave files being written to in a unusable state. The same osascript command works for all GUI apps.

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: Danro on Jan 12, '07 10:41:16AM
If you would like to relaunch after disabling, you can run something like this.

osascript -e 'tell app "Finder" to quit'
osascript -e 'tell app "Finder" to run'

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Permanently disable the Finder
Authored by: Maincreation on Apr 17, '09 09:11:20AM does a person undue the killall command and put finder back into action? I use spotlight to find my HD and it opens iPhoto, i use spotlight to open applications and it opens my Kodak software.

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