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One solution to no-wake-from-sleep on 10.3.9 System
My Powerbook G4 sometimes will not wake up from sleeping -- I hit all the keys and nothing wakes it. I found that I can simply pull the power plug, though, and this seems to force the machine into a different sleep state that can be woken for a single key press of the Space Bar (or any key probably).

It's simple, but it will save hours of frustration (OK, minutes and a lot of work) if your machine doesn't wake up in the middle of twenty projects (as mine often is). Normally I would have had to push on the power button until the machine died, losing all my work, in order to restart it.

[robg adds: There are a few other hints here about recovering from a non-waking condition.]
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One solution to no-wake-from-sleep on 10.3.9
Authored by: DHB on Jul 24, '06 11:20:51AM

Your computer is awake, is has just turned it's screen off. Basically it thinks that it is running closed, with an external keyboard and monitor attached. Typically this happens when you have attached or removed USB devices right when your machine was going to sleep or waking up from sleep.

You just need to put the laptop asleep, disconnect all USB devices, and then wake it up again. The fastest way to put it to sleep when the screen is off is to press command+option+eject. You do NOT need to reboot the machine by holding down the power button ... and thus loosing all your work.

Macintosh laptops will immediately go to sleep if their power cord is disconnected when they are running closed while attached to an external keyboard and monitor. Your hint takes advantage of this. cmd+opt+eject would work just as well.

All of this is true for 10.4.x as well as 10.3

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One solution to no-wake-from-sleep on 10.3.9
Authored by: vocaro on Jul 24, '06 12:21:06PM

For those of you still having problems with a Mac laptop that ends up going into a coma after going to sleep, I found that the Logitech Control Panel (and its associated drivers) was causing the problem. After removing all Logitech software from my PowerBook, I no longer have any no-wake-from-sleep issues.

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One solution to no-wake-from-sleep on 10.3.9
Authored by: da2357 on Jul 25, '06 06:43:59AM
Once you've determined that the "not waking from sleep" issue isn't related to software or hardware conflicts, you may want to check out an Apple Knowledge Base article "Resetting PowerBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU)" that discusses this issue.

In short, all Apple portables have an integrated circuit on the logic board with one of its functions being controlling the sleep and wake state. Sometimes the power management settings become unstable or corrupt, and resetting the PMU may resolve the issue. As Apple clearly states in the article, resetting the PMU is a last-resort tactic when other fixes don't work. Also, keep in mind that resetting the PMU restores the hardware (including NVRAM) to its default state so use a PMU reset with caution. Some models will also reset the internal clock, so you will also want to check that if you do reset the PMU.

Since the PMU reset procedure is different for various iBook/PowerBook models, please read the Apple Knowledge Base article very carefully:

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