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10.4: Activate Exposť from Intel Macs' trackpads Laptop Macs
I like to be able to activate Exposť on my MacBook without moving my hand away from the trackpad. I figured I could do this by holding down the Command key while doing a secondary mouse click (i.e. a two-finger-tap on the trackpad), but couldn't find where to set this up in the Dashboard & Exposť System Preferences panel. The bottom section of the panel just showed 'Keyboard,' not 'Keyboard and Mouse.'

When I connected a USB mouse, however, the mouse shortcuts section appeared in the preference pane. I was able to set up the Command-secondary click shortcut, and it continues to work with the trackpad even after the USB mouse is disconnected. I really think Apple should enable this section of the preference pane on their notebook computers which are capable of a secondary click, even when no external mouse is connected.

[robg adds: On my PowerBook G4, the Mouse section shows up, even without a USB mouse connected. On my MacBook, it's not there. I believe the difference is SideTrack, which I have not yet installed on the MacBook. I'm guessing that the system sees SideTrack as an external mouse, hence, the Mouse shortcuts section shows up.]
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10.4: Activate Exposť from Intel Macs' trackpads | 3 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Activate Exposť from Intel Macs' trackpads
Authored by: kostia on Jul 21, '06 02:21:36PM

This works on pretty much any machine, not just an Intel Mac and not just a portable.

At my last job, I used a three-button mouse (the wireless one that came with my Wacom tablet) on a MDD G4 running Tiger.

The Wacom mouse had a third button (a clickable scroll wheel), which OSX recognized as a scroller, but the Expose preference pane did not give the mouse button options.

I attached a Dell three-button USB mouse to the computer just long enough to get into the Expose preference pane, set up the preferences like I like them (button 3 by itself for Expose, command-button 3 for desktop, option-button 3 for application windows), closed the preferences, and disconnected the Dell mouse.

The Wacom mouse's middle button then worked just fine for Expose. OSX seems to recognize the signal as "button 3" even if it doesn't recognize the mouse well enough to give the right prompts in the Expose preference pane.

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10.4: Activate Exposť from Intel Macs' trackpads
Authored by: shakerben on Jul 22, '06 06:04:05PM

on my powerbook g4 i get the keyboard and mouse setting with no extra software (such as sidetrack i think it's called) installed.

seems odd that such an option is not available on the newer macs.....especially as my powerbook g4 is not capable of two-button clicking.

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10.4: Activate Exposť from Intel Macs' trackpads
Authored by: dennisdennis on Jul 23, '06 09:38:09PM

Happily, I just found out how to do something like you are looking to do. In the System Preferences go to Dashboard & Expose. Then in the Active Screen Corners pull click on one of the pull-down menus (for the corners of your screen) and select Expose. Now when you put your mouse in that corner, Expose comes up! Hope this helps.

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