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Simple speed-up tips for Apple Remote Desktop and VNC Network
I've found two things you can do to speed up Apple Remote Desktop and also VNC:
  1. Set the desktop background to a flat color on the client. This may be obvious, but you get much better image compression with less complex images.
  2. Set the client's depth to the same depth as the viewer. Use thousands instead of millions (if you want color). When I had the client (G4 677 TiPB) set to millions and the viewer to thousands, the session was not much slower than if the viewer was also in millions. I think this is because the client has to convert from millions to thousands, dither, and only then, send the bits. Putting both the client and viewer to thousands gave me a decent speed boost, since the client had no extra work to do.
If you have a pretty beefy client, you might not notice the increase as much as I did...
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Authored by: hayne on Jul 17, '06 08:48:32AM

Just as a clarification, note that the usual VNC terminology is that the "client" is the program that is used to view the remote machine - i.e. what you referred to as the "viewer".

The program that runs on the machine that is being viewed is usually called the "server". (You referred to this as the "client"). It is the server machine that is providing the data and hence simplifying the desktop background on this machine may lessen the amount of data being sent.
(Enabling "Apple Remote Desktop" in OS X's "Sharing" preferences runs the built-in VNC server component.)

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Authored by: giulio on Jul 17, '06 10:01:57AM

Yes I realized that, but it is basically correct. I used the word 'viewer' instead of 'admin' by mistake.

That's how ARD uses 'client' and 'admin' terms. The client is the machine that you view/control - the client is free and built into mac os x, in the sharing control panel. The admin is the viewER, the software you buy to view/control many clients. (think different)

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Authored by: aaronrp on Jul 17, '06 11:41:27AM

And, of course, in the X Windowing System the client is the program that is displaying the data on the server's screen.

It's all very confusing.

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Simple speed-up tips for Apple Remote Desktop and VNC
Authored by: osxpounder on Jul 17, '06 12:35:44PM

Wow, that is confusing, if Apple refers to the server as the client.

When you connect, remotely, you are using a client, and the machine or program you connect to is the server. That's the correct way to use those words, as they are generally used.

Apple is still thinking of ARD as an administrator's tool, which probably explains why they call the server on each remote Mac the 'client' -- they figure there's only one ARD that 'administers' this machine, and it would be the 'server'.

Many people, including me, have been using ARD even though we do not administer multiple Macs. We just use it to remotely control our own Macs. Apple is gradually realizing this, but still only treat ARD as a top-down, one Ring to rule them all approach, seems to me.

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Authored by: paklein on Jul 17, '06 07:35:00PM

I found OSXvnc to be a much faster VNC server than the one provided with OS X. Your mileage may vary.

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Authored by: SeƱor Epiphyte on Jul 18, '06 07:29:29AM

I've used OSXvnc in a home media server situation -- since the iMac G3 'server' is in a garage closet, never used by others, I've set it to Thousands and the monitor res to 640x480. Peppy performance. Based on the hint, I'm using a solid background too. Every little bit helps.

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OSXvnc for remote admin
Authored by: jeaginsky on Jul 18, '06 08:49:20AM

OSXvnc also works wonderfully for remote admin with chicken of the vnc set to listen. if you send client a osxvnc app with your ip in it. there's a how to hint details here somewhere.

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