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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac Other Hardware
I recently bought an Xbox (first generation) to mod so that I could run Xbox Media Center (XBMC) on it. Virtually all the information I found on this project assumed you had a PC, which, as a Mac user, didn't help me much. So once I'd gotten everything working, I decided to put together a small site showing how I did it using my Mac. If anyone has anything to add I'd love to hear from them via the comments.
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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac
Authored by: superg on Jul 05, '06 08:59:02AM

I'm using Xbox Media Center, and it's great! Am I missing something here, though? I don't see the content of the article....

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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac
Authored by: sbryan on Jul 05, '06 09:36:07AM

Click the hyperlink in the article in the last sentence. That takes you to the author's web site which again just tells you he did it. The trick is to notice the links in the upper left corner of the screen which lead you through his steps in the process.

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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac
Authored by: sbryan on Jul 05, '06 09:42:22AM

Oops, make that the link in the penultimate sentence (next to the last) in the article. Sorry, the Post a Comment page does not include easy visibility of previous posts so rather than go through the necessary contortions I tried to guess and missed. It isn't possible to edit your own comments after they've been posted? (Yes, I know and use the Preview feature, but it isn't sufficient).

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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac
Authored by: garethhk on Jul 05, '06 09:43:15AM
I posted a how-to guide in my local Mac (Hong Kong) forum last year.

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Do not bother with Sharepoints
Authored by: elmimmo on Jul 05, '06 12:29:45PM

There goes another one… ^_-

No need to install Sharepoints at all (even for sharing folders out of your home folder). Stick to Apple's solution and you'll save yourself problems. All explained here:

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Set up an Xbox Media Center using a Mac
Authored by: balthisar on Jul 07, '06 02:52:53PM

I didn't need to use my Windows box, either. My route was similar: I bought three XBoxes used from gamestop, as well as three eXecuter chips with the Cromwell BIOS. At the time I didn't know a thing about XBMC and didn't plan on using the XBox for anything as silly as playing games; instead I planned to install Xebian Linux and use the XBox only as a front-end for MythTV.

I didn't get the fancy, solderless connector for my chips, though, and thought I solder them on. I completely borked the job, and went the softmod route just to flash the built-in BIOS with Cromwell. Later, though, I learned about XBMC and figured out how to flash the original BIOS back in, and re-applied the softmod. I finally got the right, thin circuit board wire and did chip my third XBox. So, I have two soft-modded boxes and a chipped box.

As I went along, I upgraded all of the hard drives with some small spares I had lying around -- one each of 20, 30, and 40 GB. There's an auto-installer that builds the disks for you without having to connect a drive to the PC.

Throughout all of this process, I don't give a crap about XBox live. That's important because MS doesn't like modded boxes.

In the meantime, I discovered how fun video games can be, and the XBox makes a great emulator base for all of the classics -- Atari 2600, SNES, Play Station, and so on!

I may try Xebian again -- it can be installed non-natively and run from an image on the hard drive.

Sharepoints isn't necessary, and neither are all of the symbolic links. It's easy to modify your smb.conf file to get the sharing that you want done. Heck, install Sharepoints, look at your smb.conf, and uninstall Sharepoints. Done!

Rather than share off the Macs, I just share off of the backend for MythTV now. I'm upgrading the backend next week, so here's what I'll have:

two XBoxes around the house (third is reserved)
two RAID1 setups with 600GB of space for DVD rips and archived TV shows, AND this is where I'll make my home folders for the two Macs. No more syncronization!!! No more backups!!! (Yeah, both drives could fail simultaneously... crossing fingers)
The RAID'ed drives will also house iTunes and iPhoto libraries which work well enough with XBMC.
Fifth drive dedicated just to MythTV (I use KnoppMyth).
The XBoxMythTV program for modded XBoxes works pretty decently with the backend system.

There's also the MythTV frontend compiled for PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Anyone want to buy my old Sony Tivo Series 1?

--Jim (me)

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