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Create time lapse movies in iMovie Apps
iMovie 6.0.2 seems to have a new time lapse feature built-in, something I hadn't seen or heard of before. To find it, just click on the arrow next to the 'switch to camera mode' toggle, and select Time Lapse from the drop down menu. You have the option of setting how often a frame should be saved, and whether or not the date and time should be shown.

[robg adds: I believe this was new in iMovie 6, and yes, it is documented. Search iMovie's help for time lapse, and then click the first link that comes up (Creating a time-lapse effect). However, I wasn't aware of it, and I asked several people about it this morning, and none of them knew about it either, so I felt it worth sharing. You won't see the feature if you don't have your camera plugged in, somewhat obviously -- it works during video import.]
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Create time lapse movies in iMovie
Authored by: rstewar on Jun 27, '06 08:48:17AM
So, while this is new in iMovie, a similar feature has been available in Quicktime for many moons. In Quicktime Player, go to File > Open Image Sequence. From there you can specify a folder full of images that are meant for time lapse. You can tell it how many frames per second and such. Pretty cool feature.


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Create time lapse movies in iMovie
Authored by: ocdinsomniac on Jun 27, '06 09:10:06AM

Actually, I do see this feature without my camera plugged in... Hmmm...

Cool hint! Thanks!

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Create time lapse movies in iMovie
Authored by: timcrawf on Jun 27, '06 12:46:38PM

It will also work with a built in iSight and has an option to embed the date and time. It also apparently keeps recording while iMovie is hidden. Kind of like surveillance.

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Create time lapse movies in iMovie
Authored by: osxpounder on Jun 28, '06 12:08:04AM

Now that's an interesting insight, and I'm very grateful that you alerted us that iMovie keeps shooting video through the iSight even if it's not in the foreground.

BTW, I found that iMovie politely disables time-lapse when you quit -- next time you restart, you won't have the problem of accidentally making time-lapse movies because you forgot about the setting.

What clown designed the iPod calendar reminder, which won't show you the Location field? Guess they always meet in the same room at Apple?

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Create time lapse movies in iMovie
Authored by: sophistry on Jun 27, '06 02:37:29PM
An Open Source tool is available too:


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