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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control Other Hardware
I've seen a bunch of hints about using Apple's Remote Control to control your Mac with other applications, or a cell phone as a remote, or ATI's Remote Wonder, etc. So I thought I'd share how I remotely control my Mac. I have a wireless Bluetooth mouse, specifically the Logitech MX900. It has eight buttons, and I use USB Overdrive to control the programming of the buttons, since Logitech doesn't support the Mac with this mouse. Note: I'm not suggesting you buy this mouse, because it was difficult to get it to operate properly with OS X. I had to program it first on a PC before it would work right in OS X, and before USB Overdrive would recognize it.

With USB Overdrive, I can set up the buttons for any specific application. With the mouse being Bluetooth, it also works across my entire house. This hint isn't specifically for this mouse though, as any wireless mouse would work the same, although maybe not as far.

Here's one way I use it, with Front Row. Front Row can be controlled from the keyboard using the arrow keys and others. As such, it's trivial to program USB Overdrive to operate Front Row by matching the mouse buttons to the Front Row keyboard keys. I have my Mac connected to a TV as a second monitor, so I just active Front Row on my mac, then carry the mouse into the living room, and it operates flawlessly. The right and left mouse buttons cycle through the selections, the scroll wheel moves up and down the menus, the middle muse button makes my selection, etc...

I wanted to share this because everyone has a mouse, so everyone has a "remote," too. Sometimes there's no need to buy extra equipment to do something. You can download and try USB Overdrive for free, and if you like it, the cost is small.
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Bluetooth & USB Overdrive?
Authored by: clknight on Jun 26, '06 08:36:24AM

USB Overdrive claims not to support Bluetooth--although the developer says it's "almost ready" on his web page. Can you post more details on how you got it to work?


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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: gunkmail on Jun 26, '06 08:44:53AM

steermouse works much better than USB overdrive for the bluetooth mouse. My MX900 works perfectly with all extra buttons so i WOULD recommend to buy this mouse if you are looking for a nice bluetooth mouse. I have no idea how to program a mouse on a pc to make it work for a mac. Could you elaborate on what you did on your PC to make this work with USB overdrive?

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: umijin on Jun 26, '06 09:06:00AM

Hmmm... I've thought of this with my BT500 mouse, but sort of gave up because the range is poor. I bought a small BlueTooth Keyboard that I've used a few times for classes..

I'm also curious about your Logitech BT mouse, as we are dying for a decent BT mouse and this model isn't available in Japan.

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: regulus on Jun 26, '06 03:54:29PM

To answer the questions about the MX900 bluetooth mouse: First, let me say I did this long ago when I first got the mouse and don't remember the exact steps but here's what I remember.

I have Apple's internal bluetooth (BT for future reference) module in my dp G5. I can pair this mouse with Apple's BT module but the mouse movements are really jittery. So first I unpaired the mouse with Apple's BT module. Then I used virtual PC running Windows 2000, plugged in the BT module that came with the mouse which connects via USB to the computer, and installed Logitech's software. I then opened Logitech's software in VPC, paired the mouse with Logitech's bluetooth module, and made a couple adjustments to the mouse behavior (nothing special). Upon quitting the mouse stayed paired with Logitech's BT module and the jitteryness of the mouse movements went away. I already had USB Overdrive intstalled because the previous mouse I had was USB. When I opened USB Overdrive I noticed it recognized Logitech's BT module as a USB device and I can therefore program the buttons. USB Overdrive didn't recognize Logitech's BT module as a USB dvice until I did the VPC stuff. Also, this mouse does not show as a paired BT device under the BT preference pane with Apple's BT module.

I hope this helps.

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: jaysoffian on Jun 27, '06 08:56:49AM

What's going on here, I suspect, is that your Mac doesn't see the mouse as a BT mouse, but rather as a USB mouse.

Since you have the Logitech BT module plugged in via USB, it just makes the mouse appear to the Mac as a normal USB mouse. This is also the reason that USB Overdrive is working with the mouse.


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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: osxpounder on Jun 26, '06 04:14:05PM

This is a conceptual hint -- it teaches an idea that can be used with many tools, for many uses -- and I think it's quite clever. Now that I have a wireless laptop with bluetooth, I should remember your hint, and remember that some things can be done from the next room, or downstairs, perhaps. Lots of possibilities.

What clown designed the iPod calendar reminder, which won't show you the Location field? Guess they always meet in the same room at Apple?

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: barr104 on Jun 26, '06 10:29:04PM

I have the exact same mouse and a 15" 1.25Ghz Powerbook. I just use the built in BT since it seems rather repetitive to plug in a USB device just to get bluetooth that I already have and that works just as well.

Although, when I plug in the USB BT receiver I AM able to use the Logitech software and USB Overdrive (since it's seen as a USB device, not a BT device). I do not own a copy of VPC, so I haven't done anything special like you say you have. From what I remember USB overdrive worked just fine for me as long as I used the Logitech USB receiver.

I hadn't tried Steermouse Yet, thanks for suggesting that!

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: gunkmail on Jun 27, '06 05:58:54AM

Steermouse allows you to use the built in bluetooth on your powerbook. It then allows for configuration of all the buttons. It does seem silly to have to plug in a bluetooth receiver to have the mouse work with it's extra buttons.

Did you say that you used Logitech software on your Mac? I could not find Mac software for the MX900 on the logitech site.

If you want a good wireless remote just pick up an Griffin Airclick. It works with Frontrow and all other media applications. Griffin has just released "Proxi" which is a hotkey/device input manager allowing you to assign different tasks to each event. Worth checking out

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Use a wireless mouse as a remote control
Authored by: regulus on Jun 27, '06 07:10:21AM

Steermouse looks like a great product. It must be new though because I searched far and wide for a solution back in October 2004 when I got this mouse and certainly didn't find it.

I'm not sure it would have helped me with the jittery mouse behavior I was getting either. When the mouse was paired with Apple's BT module, the mouse jumped all over the place at random times. It wasn't until I paired the mouse with Logitech's software that the jittery behavior stopped. From reading postings at the time about this mouse many people experienced the jittery behavior. Also, you need to plug in Logitech's BT module to be able to charge the mouse anyway, so I don't see where there's a problem with plugging it in.

I'm tempted to try steermouse, but my set-up works now and I own USB Overdrive so I think I'll stick with what I've got.

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AMP01 with USB Overdrive on MAC-book Pro
Authored by: capchap on Jan 02, '10 04:11:21PM

Hi all,
I hope someone can help me pretty quickly...
I have the topic Targus presenter and can't get it to work on my macbook pro (MBP).

I found some blogs about the USB Overdrive and decided to give it a installed in pretty cleanly (except I got hpplugininit.kext error). After finding the solution to that problem I went back to working on this mouse...

BTW, the hpplugininitkext error was caused when I installed new drivers for my hp scanjet 4670v, which btw works great!

Anyway, I really need to get this pointer working as I have a presentation to deliver on Jan 11, 2010

I really appreciate anything you can tell me to help me get this working as I understand many have done so.

If it matters to anyone, I am running Snow Leopard on my MBP

ALSO, if anyone could tell me where to click to go to my profile so I can change settings like opening up my email, and changing my password as they reccommended. Thanks

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AMP01 with USB Overdrive on MAC-book Pro
Authored by: capchap on Jan 02, '10 04:26:52PM

OH happy Days!!!
BTW, it helps a great deal if you actually read the owner's manual. I guess it's a guy thing.

Anyway, My presenter is working (as a presenter) I haven't tried anything esle yet, but I'm confident it will work.

encouragement to others...USB Overdrive works!


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