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Use mouse gestures in any OS X application Apps
xGestures is similar to Cocoa Gestures, only it works for all applications, not just Cocoa ones. Its settings are accessed through a System Preferences pane (much easier than within each application, as in Cocoa Gestures). It supports multiple applications. Application specific gestures override global gestures (as far as I can tell), which makes exceptions easy to deal with. I use it in conjunction with Cocoa Gestures, assigning middle click to Cocoa Gestures, while leaving right click available to xGestures.

I have been using this for about six months, and it is possible to almost completely eliminate the keyboard as necessary for input. It saves a lot on mouse mileage, too. Those tiny buttons are no longer a pain to click.

I couldn't find it listed anywhere on the site and thought it would be a good addition. It is definitely the most useful input modifier I have ever used. I have a laptop, and this lets me use my computer from a distance with my bluetooth mouse, keeping that hot thing off my lap and only leaning forwards to type (all my shortcut keys are taken care of with mouse gestures).

[robg adds: Cocoa Gestures has been replaced with the shareware CocoaSuite, which goes beyond gestures and adds menu shortcut assignments, mnemonics, and virtual scroll wheel support. I tested xGestures, and it definitely works in all applications -- note that it installs a kernel extension to do so, but it's simple to disable and/or remove if you have troubles (I didn't experience any issues with it).]
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Use mouse gestures in any OS X application
Authored by: Hrothgar15 on Jun 23, '06 09:20:29AM

This is by far the most amazing application I've ever used on my Mac. Mouse gestures are BY FAR the easiest way to control your computer...especially with global gestures, because you can do whatever you want to any application (including the Finder), no matter what application is frontmost. Desktop too clutter? I gesture and an applescript runs that ejects all disk images and sends all documents to the trash. Pause/play iTunes? Just a simple gesture, takes (literally) less than a second. Closing, zooming, and minimizing windows (and quitting applications) become ten times easier. No more reaching for tiny buttons. Everyone should definitely give this app a five dollars I've ever spent.

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Use mouse gestures in any OS X application
Authored by: regulus on Jun 23, '06 09:55:53AM

I can attest too, it's amazing. It works great too. I've never had a problem. I first made a few gestures to test it, and immediately saw the power. Anything that you do can be done so much faster. For me it's things like back/forward (works in finder windows too), page up/page down, start/stop itunes, next/previous song, expose, start/stop speaking text (I have web pages read to me) etc...

Truly amazing and easy!!!

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