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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs Apps
I was fed up with having to go to the hotmail website and sign in to be able to view my emails, so I had a look on MacOSXhints and found an old app (HTTPMail Plugin) that works perfectly on non-Intel Macs. Unfortunately when I upgraded to my new MacBook Pro ... my discovery was finished.

After trying several other options (POP services, etc.), I gave up and sat waiting for someone to develop an Intel app. It had been already three months, and I was still sitting so, I had to do something. So I tried a good old trick and it worked!

It is as simple as making Apple's work under Rosetta, with the check marked on "Open using Rosetta" on the Get Info dialog, and have the HTTPMail bundle installed in the /Library -> Mail -> Bundles folder. If any one has a better solution, I'd be happy to know about it...
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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs | 9 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: larkost on Jun 08, '06 07:45:16AM

Since the plugin is open source, you could try downloading the source, and seeing if it will compile for Intel. There is a good chance that it will.

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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: jbaker00 on Jun 10, '06 07:53:55AM

I did try getting the source and re compiling but it seems to have so many projects in it's XCode project that it get confusing as to what is right and wrong with it once it compiles.

If anyone has some experience with XCode I would love to work with them to get it to work. I could do the heavy lifting with some guidance from someone

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Authored by: ChrisJ on Jun 08, '06 08:51:31AM
Or, you can try out a small java application, MrPostman, that can run gui-less and access a ton of POP-unfriendly services (like free Yahoo).

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MacFreePOPs [Was: MrPostman]
Authored by: juandesant on Jun 08, '06 04:26:20PM
Or a native replacement for MrPostman: MacFreePOPs

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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: xSmurf on Jun 08, '06 09:18:34PM

Might I also point out that Rosetta apps might be natively fast, but they take almost twice as much RAM as native apps (this maybe not be true for all of them, but it was in my experience). Since most of us (I guess) leave opened all the time, this might not be such an interesting solution. Personnaly, I used TrimTheFat on almost every app I've and will install on my MacBook Pro... there is no point in keeping the PPC part of apps when you are running on x86, plus they take quiet a bit of space (some only take a few Kb's but other take a dozen Mb's or even more), which imho is a big factor on laptops as harddrive space is somewhat limited (no 400gb hd here), not to mention all that space taken by Parallel and my Windows partition (<rant>damn Parallel won't run the IE 5.5 standalone which I need for web development</rant>)...

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: trekvogel on Jun 09, '06 05:02:36PM

MrPostman seems nice and Rosetta might seem not but after inspection I learned that MrPostman alone uses about the same amount of memory as Mail in rosetta does. So when you run Mail natively and MrPostman to use hotmail this won't make matters much better. I imagine, but have not tested, that mail itself runs smoother even though the combination of both apps uses about the same memory.

Anyway, the httpmail plugin is very easy to use so I'll leave thing as they are: Mail in rosetta.

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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: rr.poole on Jun 18, '06 10:20:52AM
Found updated plugin for mail @

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Using FastMail for Hotmail message retrieval
Authored by: sjk on Jun 18, '06 12:03:56PM

I've been satisfied using a FastMail account for a few years to fetch messages from my ancient Hotmail account at regular intervals. Then I use Mail to access the FM IMAP mailbox where they're stored, or FM's webmail interface. It's been a transparent solution since FM staff has always handled issues that infrequently crop up with message retrieval from Hotmail without my intervention. Occasionally I've gotten a retrieval warning message but it's been so long since that's happened I can't even remember when it was.

This can be done with a free FastMail Guest account, but the modest one-time fee for a Member account is a great value and can be thought of as a contribution towards supporting their service.

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10.4: Read Hotmail with on Intel Macs
Authored by: rjraimo on Aug 21, '06 03:41:34AM
Just in case there is someone out there who hadn't already found the answer for this problem:

A Universal Binary version of httpmail is available for download now at the developer's site (

Hopefully this will help the die-hards like me who for some reason cling to hotmail even though there are bigger and better free email accounts out there.


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