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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals Desktop Macs
I noticed when browsing some folks' hints for reducing fan noise in the Power Mac G5, that many folks seemed alarmed that their CPU temps would go up unless they had the fans churning by manipulating Energy Saver prefs. CHUD Tools (linked on this page) allows you to turn off processor "napping," which eliminates the relay noise caused by the disconnection of processors in preparation for nap mode.

Don't worry about the heat from specific areas. Just because the temps jump from a very low 9 or 10 degrees Celsius to upwards of 80 degrees does not mean that you are sacrificing your processor or its lifespan. Sure, you may notice a slightly reduced lifespan in processors that worked harder or were cooled more sparingly, but by the time they wore out, the machine would be obsolete and gathering dust somewhere.

The zoned cooling of the Power Mac G5 is brilliant. However, it leads people to believe that a particular zone is too hot. The heat generated by processors that are properly heatsinked and ventilated is normal and within the range the processors are designed to run in.

For me, I had to disable the manual setting of "Highest" in Processor Performance in Energy Saver and put it to "Automatic" to achieve some quiet. For some reason, the fans are not intelligently cooling in my machine when this setting is engaged. They vary in speed, but still are noisy even when nothing is on and the unit is in Sleep. Automatic seems to bring the fans down and kicks them in as needed. So if you think your fans are a bit too noisy, try Automatic mode.
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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: maiklust on Jun 01, '06 10:29:15AM

I agree that the fans are not cooling intelligent in Automatic Mode. I don't have a loud fan noise in Highest Mode, though. Even the 2 running mlucas processes for the GIMPS Project don't turn the fans up.

So, despite higher energy consumption, my setting is Highest. The chirping when in nap mode went away, after exchanging my ATI Graphics card with an Nvidia from one of the first 1.8 Ghz G5. I don't need much graphics performance luckily.

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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: ever on Jun 01, '06 11:51:35AM

I never had a problem with fan noise, but my "chirping" (actually a high-pitched squeal) requires that Nap be switched off and performance set to Highest. If I change either of those settings the squeal comes back in force and drives me right up the wall. (June 2004 2x1.8ghz, btw)

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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: OceanCubed on Jun 01, '06 11:57:03AM

When I changed the Energy Saver Processor preferences on my Twin 2Ghz G5 to Automatic all it did was cause the fans to rev up and down constantly from no spinning to full jetfighter roar.

Once I changed the setting back to Highest the fans returned to a normal quiet whirring.

Temperature levels went ballistic in AUtomatic mode, in Highest mode the temp stays at a constant.

Perhaps, it's just my G5.

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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: starwxrwx on Jun 02, '06 12:31:02AM

No, my dual 2GHz revs the fans in Automatic mode as well. Highest and Reduced are both whisper quiet.

What exactly is this hint helpful for?

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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: ipodian on Jun 01, '06 07:09:14PM

Have any of you noticed an increase in noise after launching DreamWeaver 8.0? Assuming you use it... I notice a big jump in noise levels, so much that I take a trip to the CHUD nap settings to uncheck it.


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Fan noise and/or chirping in earlier G5 Duals
Authored by: lucidsystems on Jul 10, '06 04:21:49AM
This page may assist with your problems?

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Issue in Downloading .ZIP files
Authored by: Vjsaharan on Nov 19, '07 07:18:51AM

Some of my MAC clients are having problem in downloading files that are having ZIP extension. We need to manually rename the file as .ZIP to open the folder.
Kindly help me in resolving this issue

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