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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator Apps
I watch quite a few DVDs through my iPod Video on my way to and from work. I usually convert my films with Handbrake in MP4 format to the Desktop. I have iTunes set to organise my music and films automatically, which means that all files dragged into it are copied to ~/Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Music. I wanted to find a solution to avoid copying the films and have them put in my film library with Automator.

First, I found out that all my films are stored in a folder called "Unknown artist." Moving the file there before loading it in iTunes will avoid the copy process. Secondly, I found out that the iTunes Automator action for importing media into iTunes couldn't import MP4 files. I had to use an AppleScript to do that instead. So here are the steps in my Automator workflow:
  1. Finder library, Get Specified Finder Items action.
  2. Finder library, Move Finder Items action, to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Unknown Artist/
  3. Automator library, Run AppleScript action, with the following AppleScript:
    on run {input, parameters}
      tell application "iTunes"
        set this_track to add input to playlist "Library" of source "Library"
        duplicate this_track to playlist "film"
      end tell
      return input
    end run
I then save it into ~/Library -> Workflows -> Applications -> Finder" as iTunes Film. Then all I need to do is control-click on the film on the Desktop and chose Automator > iTunes Film from the pop-up menu.
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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator
Authored by: peewit on May 30, '06 09:28:22AM

Does unchecking the preference in iTunes "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to Library" not work for Films???

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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator
Authored by: Coumerelli on May 30, '06 09:55:45AM

It does. That's what I do. This is much less of a hassle. Set this up, and then it
done. Otherwise, each time I want to import a movie, I either copy it, or uncheck;
import; check. But then, the movie is not 'organized' either. This is the way to go!

"The best way to accelerate a PC is 9.8 m/s2"

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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator
Authored by: meh on May 30, '06 11:26:02AM

My reply doesn't have much to do with your process, and it's farily obvious, but I
thought I'd share anyway.
Since I don't like having my ipod movies stored in my iTunes Music Library, I just
drag the movie file onto the iPod in iTunes. The movie gets copied to my iPod
without getting copied to my music library.
I then delete the file from my hard drive to save room (I can always remake it
with Handbrake, so no need to use up storage space on both the ipod and the hard

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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator
Authored by: smanzo on May 30, '06 12:22:53PM

Another option would be to have an Import folder _inside_ your library, with a
placeholder file so that iTunes doesn't delete the folder. Have Handbrake
export to your Import folder, and create a folder action that fires off your
import applescript. Since the file is, technically, already IN the iTunes music
folder, iTuned will just update the location on disk without a requirement for a
file copy operation.

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10.4: Move MP4 films to iTunes via Automator
Authored by: osxpounder on May 30, '06 11:45:02PM

Incidentally, I was snarfing up some of the scripting goodness at
Doug's Applescripts for iTunes website, and I found an app called

Can you guess what it does?

It says it's based on Handbrake. It does most of what your hint
describes, including offering an option to put the converted movie into
the iTunes library. I've tried it twice so far, and just dragged the video
file onto the iPod, into a list I made.

I'm not sure [since I've only had an iPod a week] but it seems to me I
can't watch any videos unless I've put the video into a playlist. Just
dropping a video file onto the iPod in iTunes didn't seem to put it
anywhere that I could find it [but it sure took its time copying it, so it
must have gone somewhere].


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