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Create resumable podcast downloads UNIX
Being a dialup only user, I've been very frustrated with iTunes' lack of a resumable download for podcasts, etc. My attempts at downloading with Firefox from sites such as MacObserver(MacGeekGab) was poor, since Firefox would often find the connection closed after the download was partly downloaded. (This is the same thing I'd see in iTunes, where I would never know what had happened, except that the file size was way too small.)

I'm sure there are shareware-type downloaders out there that would work, but money doesn't grow on trees for a lot of us folks. So I use the built-in curl command in Terminal. Trying curl in Terminal using the options -C - -O will work for most sites. However, for sites (like MacObserver) that are using a service such as CacheFly which uses redirects, it won't work. I was stumped until I contacted CacheFly, and they pointed out that "you can have curl follow redirects by passing it the -L flag."

I had read the help for curl, but did not understand what Follow Location: hints (H) meant. Finally! Now I can grab the podcast URL from the website, and then run this command in Terminal:
curl -L -C - -O http://url.of.podcast
Even if the connection gets killed before I've finished downloading (hours later), I can resume and finish it. I hope this helps at least one other dialup user out there. Hopefully Apple will eventually connect iTunes with tools like curl that ship with OS X to upgrade their download capabilities.
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Create resumable podcast downloads
Authored by: truhe on May 25, '06 10:03:14AM

But this involves me having to travel through a dozen of web sites to get the url of the current file, than making this terminal-stuff and then dropping everything into an iTunes, which won't recognize, that it's a Podcast, but which handles the file like any other MP3. I.E., it won't show up in the Podcasts-areas in iTunes and iPod and I can't mark it as played.

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Create resumable podcast downloads
Authored by: u2mr2os2 on May 25, '06 10:59:00AM

Yeah, this is just a hint of doing resumable downloads of any file with a redirected URL with curl. The title is misleading.

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Create resumable podcast downloads
Authored by: thelamecamel on May 28, '06 08:55:50AM

Yes and no. Yes it works for any file. But it doesn't work like Safari's resumable
downloads, which for me can't resume when things go pear-shaped - i just get a
shorter MP3 than expected. So the hint is that curl can force-resume downloads
that iTunes/Safari woulh have mistakenly thought were completed.

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Create resumable podcast downloads
Authored by: trendyhendy on May 25, '06 04:38:03PM

My podcast workflow (I too have a slow Internet connection) is to copy the URLs from NetNewsWire, paste them into a file on my desktop named dl.txt, then invoke the following command from Terminal:

wget -c -i dl.txt

The -c flag starts any unstarted downloads, resumes any unfinished downloads, or skips and completed downloads. The -i flag tells wget to read the URLs from the file specified.

wget will automatically follow any redirects and give the output files the proper names.

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