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Minimize the silence between songs on an iPod Apps
When listening to popular music, particularly when exercising, I really enjoy the effect of one song seamlessly crossfading into another without a discernible break or silence. Unfortunately, although you can ask iTunes to do this beautifully on your computer (under Preferences -> Playback), the effect does not transfer to your Ipod -- you'll still hear those few seconds of silence between songs. Until Apple fixes this, there is something you can do to make life a little better.

Connect your iPod to your computer. Once the updates are all complete, choose a playlist from your iPod's list, not from your iTunes' list. Now do the following:
  1. Select the first song, then choose File: Get Info (or hit Command-I). In the new window that opens, go to the Options tab.
  2. Next to Start time, do nothing.
  3. Listen to the end of the song while watching the timer, and note the time that the music actually stops. Next to Stop time, enter that time. For example, the song 'Son of a Preacher Man' as sung by Dusty Springfield officially lasts 2:29:14. However, there is not much discernible sound at 2:23. Therefore, enter 2:23 where it says Stop Time.
  4. Go to the second song on your Playlist -- just click the Next button in the Get Info window.
  5. Next to Start time, change it from 0:00 to 0:01.
  6. Now repeat step three.
  7. Go to the next song and repeat the process.
  8. Continue until you get to the last song. Change the start time, but don't change the stop time. This will create a natural, rather than an abrupt, end to your playlist.
It's a little tedious, but it works nicely. It does not result in real crossfading (there are no fade-ins and fade-outs), but you can obtain the effect of going from one song to another without a break. This is especially good for folks who develop their own playlists for walking/running, and can't stand that gap between songs.

[robg adds: You'll need to have your iPod in manual mode to do this...]
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Authored by: pxlated on May 25, '06 08:52:13AM

"It's a little tedious"
That's an understatment if I ever saw one :-)

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Authored by: jonyem on May 25, '06 09:01:44AM

wow, how about an Automator Workflow to do this for you?

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Authored by: Anonymous on May 25, '06 09:03:46AM

ah yea, thats a workout in itself.

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Remove between-song gaps on an iPod using iTunes
Authored by: kirkmc on May 25, '06 09:28:56AM

This is wrong. There is still a gap on the iPod. All you're doing is shortening any silence between tracks that is in the tracks themselves. Put on anything where tracks run together and you'll see that this does nothing; in fact, it makes it worse.

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Minimize the silence between songs on an iPod
Authored by: TrumpetPower! on May 25, '06 07:22:04PM

Isn't there supposed to be some sort of work-around for gapless playback by ripping the entire opera / album / whatever as a single track, making it an audiobook, and setting chapter markings where the tracks are?

And, if so...can anybody point me in that direction? I'm kinda-sorta playing with the idea of getting a nano, but gapless playback is a make-or-brake ``feature'' for me. It'd be really nice if there were some automated way to do this, even if (perhaps especially if) it requires Unix tools....



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Minimize the silence between songs on an iPod
Authored by: rsfinn on May 25, '06 07:28:15PM
You mean, like this: Join Together?

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Minimize the silence between songs on an iPod
Authored by: TrumpetPower! on May 26, '06 05:16:09AM

That would seem like it should do the trick. Thanks!

Well, maybe...I mean, that's not a reason to not get a nano anymore, which isn't necessarily a good thing....



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