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An AppleScript to copy lyrics from iTunes' songs Apps
I have not had any luck finding any Terminal or GUI applications that could get lyrics from MP3 ID3v2 tagged files. The only way I've found is to go into the info dialog (in iTunes) and copy the text there.

If you're looking for lyrics to several songs, or want and easier way to do this simple and useful task -- I love to do this because while I listen to the song, I can read the lyrics and control iTunes or leave it behind other applications -- you can use this AppleScript:

tell application "iTunes"
  set these_tracks to the selection of browser window 1
  set the track_count to the count of these_tracks
  display dialog "Copying lyrics of " & (track_count as string) & 
    " tracks." buttons {"Cancel", "Copy"} default button 2
  if the button returned of the result is not "Copy" then
  end if
  set the item_counter to 0
  set letras to ""
  repeat with this_track in these_tracks
    if letras is not "" then
      set letras to letras & return & return
    end if
    set letras to letras & "==> " & the name of this_track & return & the lyrics of this_track & return
  end repeat
  set the clipboard to letras
end tell

As I have said, I'm not aware of a Terminal tool that can extract this text (mpg123 can't. However, it could be yet more interesting to call this script from there, and build a text file with the result. The problem is that you need to start iTunes (from Terminal) and look for songs by their names, and this can be very slow and prone to errors.

[robg adds: This script worked as described, though I only tested it directly from AppleScript.]
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Doug's Scripts for iTunes
Authored by: Krioni on May 25, '06 10:09:07AM
Doug has something like this that puts the lyrics into TextEdit. It could be easily tweaked to put them in the clipboard instead.

Lyrics To TextEdit

Doug has a bunch of great scripts. Check out Doug's Scripts for iTunes. -- Krioni


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An AppleScript to copy lyrics from iTunes' songs
Authored by: DougAdams on May 25, '06 10:09:12AM
Check out Lyrics to TextEdit which will copy the lyrics--if they exist--of the currently playing track, or if no track is playing, the selected track(s) to a new TextEdit document.

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes

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An AppleScript to copy lyrics from iTunes' songs
Authored by: maddys_daddy on May 25, '06 11:45:18AM
And if you want to see song lyrics on your older model iPod (i.e. before Nano or 5G), check out Doug's iPod Lyrics to Notes Script. (Although doug's script says it copies the lyrics of the selected iPod tracks, the inspiration for this script copied the lyrics of the selected iTunes tracks--I haven't tried doug's script, so I don't know which is the case. Can't go wrong with his scripts, though.)

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An AppleScript to copy lyrics from iTunes' songs
Authored by: seaj11 on May 29, '06 05:27:51PM

When I copy-and-paste this into Script Editor and save, I get a syntax error referring to (line 6) as an "unknown token." I know very little about AppleScript; what would I need to substitute here to make it work? Thanks.

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