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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes Install
Tiger only hintI have seven Macs, including two Intel Macs. On May 11, 2006, Apple released 'Security Update 2006 003' and 'QuickTime 7.1' through Software Update. After installing the update, the Intel Macs would no longer boot. Dead. Nada. I called Apple Care, but they could not fix it.

After some futzing, I managed to fix them this way:
  1. Cold reboot and hold the Shift key after the tone (Safe Boot...)
  2. Go to /Library/StartupItems, and remove Adobe Version Cue if it is there
  3. Reboot
[robg adds: I don't have Version Cue, so I can't confirm this one (my Intel mini handled the update just fine).]
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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: morespace54 on May 23, '06 07:56:33AM

it seems that a few PPC app can also cause this sort of problems (alas Norton).

I would suggest to remove all application that are not UB in the startup folder, restart, put back each application (one by one) in the startup folder and make sure there's no other culprits.

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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: OGaskin on May 23, '06 08:00:05AM

This saved my butt big time.
New Intel iMac had it for 3 days installed the updates and Adobe Photoshop. Bam it died.

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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: smkolins on May 23, '06 08:19:07AM

Another biggy I've suffered through is using Remote Desktop 2.2 with the Apple approved workaround to use it on Intel turns out to be completely incompatible with the security update.

Apple is looking at the problem. Call them for tech support (it is their own product, yes it's unsupported but yes it's something they tried to make work so they can try alittle harder....)

Possess a pure, kindly, and radiant heart!

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Confirmation: 10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: bostonrobot on May 24, '06 04:00:12AM

I will confirm this problem. I eventually found the same solution after Apple Care was of no help. If you're worried about losing settings or whatever, just move the file to your desktop or something. As long as it's not in that folder. I didn't realize it was a common problem - I just assumed it was a fluke.

Anyway, in the process of figuring that out, I deleted my windows partition thinking that was the cause and now bootcamp doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Any suggestions on how I can get that set back up?

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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: wsdr on May 24, '06 06:17:45AM

Related to this is that you cannot install PhotoShop CS2 after this update. If it is installed BEFORE the update, it works just fine, even after the update is installed.

I fought this on-and-off for 2 days after I got my MacBook Pro. I was slowly installing software I needed, and PhotoShop was down the list. When I got the MacBook Pro, the first thing I did (ok, after playing with it for a day) was reinstall the system software, leaving out languages and printers I didn't want. After updating everything and using it for a few days, I went to install PhotoShop and it would lock-up the system completely right after starting the install.

I thought it was the lack of languages or printers that might be hanging it, so I did an archive install of the system, this time including everything. The mistake I made was running system update before I tried to install PhotoShop. When it failed on installing again, I just about gave up. But having read so much about trouble with the Security Update 2006-003 (Intel), I decided to archive install again. This time I installed PhotoShop first, before doing any system updates, and it went right in. I ran all of the updates (including the ones for PhotoShop), and everything is working perfectly again.

BTW: For those of you who use Konfabulator (now Yahoo Widgets), they just released a Universal version today.

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10.4: Version Cue / Intel Mac / latest updates woes
Authored by: drewk on Jun 01, '06 07:59:35AM
The Quicktime 7.1.1 update (posted May 31) now fixes startup issues with Intel Macs with 3rd party start-up items.

Please install Quicktime 7.1.1 rather than follow this hint.

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