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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue Web Browsers
I was getting a "(no picture)" message in Safari windows in place of streaming content after upgrading to QuickTime 7.1. This makes the trailers site truly depressing, I'll tell you what! A quick search found this article on MacFixIt regarding some sound issues, and a reply by a user named Swift2 with a comment and a fix for the issue I was having.

It turns out that the latest version of VLC wants to install a web plug-in, and if you let it do so, it will cause this problem. To solve the problem, just remove VLC Plugin.plugin from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, then relaunch your browser.

The only other glitch I noticed with the new version of QuickTime is that if you play an MPEG in an Inspector preview or in column view, it will pause a few seconds from the end and then jump to the last frame. Anyone else?
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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue
Authored by: peragrin on May 18, '06 08:43:38AM

I haven't upgraded to 7.1 yet, but I was having something similar. No video would play but the sound would. I finally had to trash Safari's prefrences and all was right in the world.

I knew it wasn't a plugin issue after I loaded up another user on the machine and everything was okay.

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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue
Authored by: Swift on May 20, '06 06:03:28PM

On MacFixit, I am the dreaded Swift2. Here, I am the much more efficiently named Swift. So I was the one who posted the thing about the VLC plugin. However, I still have a problem, after 10.4.6, security update and Quicktime 7.1. It happens in Safari, but not in Firefox, that SOME sites do not display my movies properly: for instance,, the place where there a dozens of political clips. Most, but not all, will not play in Safari, but do in Firefox. I do remember similar troubles when Tiger came out. I had to remove DivX 5.2.1. I think it worked okay with 5.1.1, but I could be wrong. I've tried running Safari with DivX 6 uninstalled, but the problem still shows up. I downgraded from the Flash beta to Flash 8. Still, Firefox plays everything, even the DivX web plugin, but Safari coughs and wheezes. On something. Any ideas?

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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue
Authored by: ephramz on May 22, '06 11:06:27AM

I have a similar problem to Swift's where no multimedia works in Safari for me (.mov, mp3, flash, etc. ) where i get a blank screen, but they all work in FIrefox, so I have to run concurrent browsers which is a pain. Everything works fine in Safari in another user, so I assume it's something I have installed in my ~/Libraru folder, but the only thing I have is Saft and Ecamm in the Input Managers, nothing in Internet Plug-ins.

Ecamm is for iChat so I don't think causing the prolem, and I've installed Saft on other users, and Safari still works fine for them. I've uninstalled Saft on my main account and then plug-ins work, but I can't live without Saft not that I've gotten used to all its great features. I think some of the problems may have come about when I installed Flip4Mac, but that's not in the ~/Library dir so I can't imagine it could be causing the problem. I have the same config on another computer with Saft, Flip4Mac, and Ecamm and plug-ins work fine in Safari.

Anyone have any ideas what might be causing the conflict? I guess I should try uninstalling Flip4Mac as that's the most suspect of the lot.

Thanks for any help!

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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue
Authored by: ephramz on May 23, '06 12:58:13PM

Oops, never mind, figured it out. somehow the "Enable plug-ins" was unchecked in this user's Safari prefs, which was the problem. I don't believe I unchecked it myself. Felt like some SAFT, Flip4Mac, or Safari update did something to it, but can't be sure.

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Avoid a QuickTime 7.1 / VLC embedded video issue
Authored by: adrinux on Jun 09, '06 10:23:12AM

I've been experiencing this too.

I noticed that the VLC plugin was installed chown'ed another user, as opposed to root:admin, or at least user:admin like most other plugins, so I chown'ed it root:admin.

It made no difference :)

So I deleted the VLC plugin and all is well. Oh well.

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